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Friday miscellany…

Seems like the Harperites have been giving lessons to the White House in how best to exploit the infrastructure funding they been dishing out as part of the economic recovery glorious slush fund.

I’ll be glad when all of the ugly signage is removed for good. But don’t expect that to happen until there is a change in government.

– Some polls are showing that the public mood is about as stable as the Great Wall… others are showing a Grit uptick… who is right?

– Rand Paul. Whatta dork. Yes, Mr. Paul, the Tea Baggers are a bunch of radical yee-haws.

DES MOINES, Iowa — A billboard created by an Iowa tea party group that compares President Barack Obama to Adolf Hitler and Vladimir Lenin is drawing sharp criticism – even from fellow tea party activists who have condemned it as offensive and a waste of money.

The North Iowa Tea Party began displaying the billboard in downtown Mason City last week. The sign shows large photographs of Obama, Nazi leader Hitler and communist leader Lenin beneath the labels “Democrat Socialism,” “National Socialism,” and “Marxist Socialism.”

Beneath the photos is the phrase, “Radical leaders prey on the fearful & naive.”

And yes, Canada has an equivalent. Though not as strong and public, you can bet that they have been behind many of the Con policy decisions lately. They DO have to cater to their core from time to time…

More OC Crapspo hi jinks
I just waited for 10 minutes to get a connecting bus from Hurdman to Tunney’s Pasture. In that time only two buses that were going as far west as Tunney’s showed up and one of them – a 34 – stopped at the far end of the platform before hurrying away, in spite of at least three would-be passengers trying to flag it down. Finally a 38 showed up and actually stopped to pick up riders. Imagine that! A driver thinking it his job to allow riders on the bus! And on a Friday too!

Gawd, their service sucks sometimes… I wonder when the next strike/lock-out will be?

Pretty soon, if mayorlarry manages somehow to get re-elected. The vid that was posted on YouTube by Jim Watson’s peeps was sure funny, but won’t go a long way in establishing Jimbo as a credible alternative. A lot of folks think that it was a little juvenile. Add this to the entry of Clive Doucet into the (why, Clive why?) and some left-of-centre vote splitting is almost certain… with a certain bald guy named larry taking full advantage of his appeal with the Timmie’s crowd.

Don’t count him out!

– BP. Boycott them and all of their products. Forever.

– Steinbrenner dies… and I won’t diss him… In fact, even if you thought of him as an egotistical, micromanaging blowhard, ya can’t argue the fact that he brought success to the franchise that everyone, including me, loves to hate.

– Did I mention that OC Transpo sucks?

– The World Cup is over for another 4 yrs. Some surprises and some scandals. England was completely underwhelming. Ghana was tragic. Brazil was amazing – until their final game. Italy and France sucked.

At least the EPL starts up again in about a month! Go Gunners!

And if I ever hear another vuvuzela, I will scream.


I guess it’s Spain fer sure…

After all, who am I to argue with an octopus named Paul?

Hope it’s a good match with lots of scoring! This is the best opportunity to attract new fans to the Beautiful Game!

I’ve flip-flopped over who to cheers for… but I gotta go with Holland because of their style of play… though I will be quietly rooting for Arsenal’s Robin van Persie.. the AWESOME Dutch striker!


Dancing Cons and Friday miscellany

We can dance if we want to, we can leave your friends behind
‘Cause your friends don’t dance and if they don’t dance
Well they’re no friends of mine

HA! I love it when I’m right! Did I not just recently say that the Harperites were setting themselves up to drop the writ in late summer or early fall? Didn’t I ?

‘Shore ’nuff, one of the head CPC minions has thrown down the gauntlet over proposed amendments to C-9 – the budget enabling and kitchen sink mega-omnibus Bill that is currently in the Senate. The huffing and puffing little Doozer was positively ebullient in daring the Grits to go to the polls.

“Let’s dance,” Conservative Senator Doug Finley said Thursday after Bill C-9, a mammoth 883-page piece of legislation, was chopped down by the Liberals and one Progressive Conservative at a meeting of the Senate finance committee.

“I think there’s more than enough issues here to run an election on, and I’m ready,” Mr. Finley said. “I’ve got buses, I’ve got planes, I’ve got a war room, I’ve got advertising already in the can. We are constantly at work on our policy and platform. I’ve got a tour two-thirds planned.”

Wow! I haven’t heard a Con being that enthusiastic about something since the Blogging Tories were as jittery as schoolgirls over the “illegal” attempt at a coalition between the Dippers and the Grits.

And who can blame the guy? Even the most cursory read of the latest EKOS poll (you know, those guys who were mega-biased against the DeceptiCons a way back a coupla months ago) tells a tale of Liberal woe. It supports my contention that the worse case scenario for Stevie would be a return to another minority Parliament with his willing unofficial coalition partner safely in tow.

Yup, we here in Ontario, and other provinces as well, are going to come down with a severe case of election-sign fever this fall as we head into municipal votes in October as well as a federal vote somewhere between Turkey Day and the end of November.

Of course, for a political junkie like me, this is pure paradise.

Friday miscellany

1. It’s hot, hot, hot here in Bytown!

So hot that there seem to be furious debates about what is appropriate to wear to work. Check out XUP’s take on this…

Of course, furious debates about just about anything are everyday activities here in Ottawa. Remember the big lawn chair debacle of 2007?

Me? Meh. My rule of thumb is that if it’s over 30, I will at the very least throw away the tie unless I have meetings with folks outside of my Department. If it’s over 35, I go naked.

Now THERE is an image to haunt your weekend.

You’re welcome.

2. Lindsay Lohan to be jailed 90 days for breach of probation? ROTFL!!!!!

3. The Huffington Post had a good piece the other day on how scentisits, desperate to get accurate measurements on the extent of the big spill in the Gulf, are being kept away from the area and are encountering roadblocks wherever they turn.

A group of independent scientists, frustrated and dumbfounded by the continued lack of the most basic data about the 77-day-old BP oil disaster, has put together a crash project intended to definitively measure how much oil has spilled and where and how it is spreading throughout the waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

An all-star team of top oceanographers, chemists, engineers and other scientists could be ready to head out to the well site on two fully-equipped research vessels on about a week’s notice. But they need to get the go-ahead — and about $8.4 million — from BP or the federal government or both. And that does not appear imminent.

No matter who is in control, spin is the order of the day, eh?

And I’m glad Jacques Cousteau isn’t around to see this.

4. Looks like the quake did a bit more damage to the homestead than originally thought. Our patio door – although admittedly old and in need of replacement – won’t open or close very easily since the quake… it comes right off it’s runners.

Damned quake.

5.  Finally – GO Spain!!!!!!


Friday miscellany…

In the news….

More titter-titter about le gaspillage in and around Parry Sound / Muskoka wrt the Gee-Ate pork-a-thon!

Local residents, unaccustomed to such attention, are expecting a massive tourism boom…local entrepreneurs arranging guided tours of the childhood home of Bobby Orr, the Magnetawan haunted bridge, the Rosseau General Store, and, of course, the now famous Orrville gazebo…

A Request for Proposals for the construction of a gilded statue of MP Big Tony Clement is being prepared by local staff…

In the States…

Obama sends BP oil mandarin to his room for a time out…GOP Congressman apologises for apologizing to BP for the “shakedown” by the President.

GOP execs send said Congressman to his room for time out.

In soccer…

Noisy bee sound making plastic things are turning off fans and players alike. Claims by South Africans that these vuvuzelas are a part of their culture is nullified by the fact that plastic horns –  made in China – have no place in the African archaeological record.

Upsets, upsets… Spain attack nullified by strong play by the Swiss in the neutral zone… get it? Neutral zone?

France loses to Mexico and immediately appeals to FIFA for a replay of the match due to an undisclosed injury to Thierry Henry’s hand… which hampered 100% of the the French goal scoring ability…

England must win today to be assured of moving on. South African police on guard for hooligans armed with valazuzas… ear plugs on standby.


Right now, Trashy is thinking about…

  • whether he should take the leap and attend a certain information session tomorrow.. tough call.
  • why, oh why is the forecast for every single Saturday filled with rain? Ain’t right, I tell ya!
  • how much dynamite will it take to open the fault line close to the building where I work? Workers are blasting rock at a construction site and seem to be trying to find out.

CPC drop continues… and so does the Grit inability to capitalise…


World Cup and K’naan… I dig this


1966 = 2010… this is where my Man. Utd. bias goes away…