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The world may be a bit crazy right now…

… but at least the weather is awesome – if you are a winter-hater like me!

No white death powder in the forecast well into December! Woot!

Yeah, Turkey has provoked war with Russia, the whole freaking world is freaking freaked out by what happened in Paris and security is at its highest since 9/11 and it looks like David Price will leave the Jays… but….

NO SNOW (yet) and it’s gonna be 11 C tomorrow!!!!!

weather 2



Stuff that can influence voter turnout




…shorts and sandals temps!



Changed the temp unit of measure…

… To Fahrenheit to show my American friends how trippy Canuck weather can be.

Yup. A 30 degree swing in 24 hours or so. It’s all good.




I hate snow.



Friday miscellany…

…Free Pussy Riot edition!

UPDATE! The three members of Pussy Riot have been sentenced to TWO YEARS IN PRISON!

This is beyond ridiculous!

Boycott the 2014 Olympic Games!!!!!


Just learned that Pussy Riot, the chick punkers who have been in detention in Russia for performing an anti-Putin song in a church, have been declared guilty of hooliganism!

What a travesty! This is typical of Putin’s imperial Russia, and it also shows the power of the medieval Russian Orthodox Church! No separation of church and state there!

Now some will argue that this is an issue not of what they did, but where they did it… in a church. And I say bullshit! The fact that they performed their anti-Putin tune (a very short tune – they had under a minute before being escorted out) in a church just made it easier for Putin to come down hard on them. And so what if they performed in a church – it is no different from any other building, be it a house, a shed or a government building. This is an attack on free speech and expression… rights that are not respected by Tsar Vlad!

Thanks to WK, for keeping folks like me up to date on this issue…


Heard on CBC Radio this morning that Pierre Polievre likes John Denver tunes… especially Country Roads.


Why does this not surprise me?

I suspect Vic Toews is a big Barry Manilow fan…


Looks like it will be warmer than usual in most of Canada into the Fall.

I wonder if I’ll be booking tee times for December.


One last word on the Olympics before shutting up about it for the next couple of years..

It seems as though a lot of athletes were thanking some omnipotent imaginary force for that kick-ass shot put, the extra 2 inches on that high jump and for knocking a half second off their PB in the 100 metres!

I guess this obsession by The Gawd Dude with sports sort of explains why much of the world is going down the crapper. I mean, if God was so damned busy helping out athletes be all that they could be, how the hell did he or she have time for anything else in the world? You know, minor stuff like wars, pestilence, famine, my sore elbow… stuff like that.

But there’ll be no rest for the big guy/chick… The NFL season starts soon and Tim Tebow will be putting some huge time demands of the Great Bearded Guy in da Clouds…


Finally, I’d like to get in a little plug for an Ottawa soccer team that is trying to be crowned the BMO Team of the Week 2012 Champion and with it, a $125K soccer pitch renovation and a team trip. The Ottawa Royals Futuro u10 Boys team – a student from my kids’ school is part of the team –  is currently 4th in voting and I’d like to ask you to help out. Click here for the link, and thanks!


This forecast had better change…


…by the time we arrive in P Dot next Tuesday.

That is all.


Beautiful week ahead…

… But this lack of precip has to be worrying farmers somewhat! I know I’ve been having to water my small gardens quite often… with great results!

And what a great time to go camping. The weather is perfect… dry, not too hot, breezy. Awesome!

Enjoy it while it lasts, folks.


Yup, 35 a short time ago

… and now this.

Whatta country!



This getting a bit creepy…

… seriously. 26 degrees in MARCH???

Look, I know that I go on and on about the weather – I am a Canadian, after all – but is this not just a wee bit strange?