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wayne newton

Aside from my son, who else was born on this day?

Today is my little boy’s 2nd birthday! The weekend is going to be rife with celebrations – though I have asked my son to keep the debauchery and late nights to a minimum!

Happy Birthday Owen! Hard to believe that two years have swept by already. Of course, I am just as incredulous when my 5 year old and 16 year old blow out the candles on yet another birthday cake.

So, Owie, I thought it would fun to see who else of import was born this day:

1924 Marlon Brando, Jr.


Brando – Très cool. I’ve always wanted to act. And while I could never measure up to someone like Brando, I think I’d be pretty good at it. I have just never gotten around to trying. Take my advice kid, don’t put stuff like this off – cuz before you now it, you’re an old coot like me!
1941 Jan Berry


Jan and Dean were a killer group – another cool birthday mate!
1942 Wayne Newton


Yikes! Is he still human? Have Wayne and Michael Jackson shared a plastic surgeon?

OK – Wayne is on the negative side of the ledger! Sorry kid – But I had to scare you awake!

1944 Tony Orlando

Sure, Tony Orlando (and Dawn) put out some cheesy songs like Tie a Yellow Ribbon amd Knock Three Times. But there were a helluva lot of tunes that were a helluva lot worse at that time! Are you gonna have zero musical talent like your Dad? Or are you going to tend toward your Uncle Jimbo’s flair for music?
1961 Eddie Murphy

One of my all-time funny men! Definitely a good guy to be sharing a birthday with! I hope you have a sense of humour that is as original as Eddie’s! Or as whacked as mine!

1972 Jennie Garth


I don’t know about you, but I have always thought that Kelly Taylor was the hottest of the hot on BH 90210.  Sure Shannon Doherty had a lot going for her but Jennie wins the hottie credits! Being a guy, Owen, I know you can appreciate this.

So there you go, kid. Maybe in another 10 or 12 years, you can look up an archived version of this post to see how your old man managed to waste away a half hour of his time in your honour!

And did I mention that it’s 4:35 am?

Happy birthday, son.