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Lisa MacLeod – her mouth runneth over…

Or…. should a candidate make unfounded claims about “dirty tricks”?

Dirty tricks – Leaking secret information, digging into a candidate’s past (opposition research) or exposing real conflicts between the image presented and the person behind the image are always subject to argument as to whether they are dirty tricks or truth-telling. When a candidate runs into trouble or roadblocks in his or her campaign that are traceable to the other side, he/she can easily charge their opponent with dirty tricks. Often, the candidate is right in this accusation, but one candidate’s “dirty trick” is another’s “political strategy.” The distinction changes with the times. Of course imputing the discovery of a past misdemeanor to the other side can be considered a “dirty trick” in its own right.

Just the other day, I posted a picture of a wrecked Liberal sign in my neighbourhood of Ottawa South. I shouted out an offhand comment about how it was curious that the only signs I had seen knocked down were those of the red and white persuasion.

The conversation continued on Facebook about the construction of the signs and how the orange ones and the blue and white ones might just simply have been erected with a bit more engineering fortitude than the red and white ones. The thread sort of ended with a resounding “meh”. Who knows? Kids wreck signs, they get blown over, etc., etc…

Now, where am I going with this?

I’m a political hack. No more and no less.  And this hack made a glib comment about sign vandalism. No one outside my circle of those with whom I usually yell back and forth on political matters really gave a crap about what I said. I am outside the process looking in and I know my words really don’t carry a helluva lot of weight.

But is a candidate in the current provincial election the same as ol’ Trashy?? Of course not. They are not on the outside looking in… rather, they are the “in” that we are looking at. Their words do carry weight and thousands of peeps do read and soak in what they say. That is is why it is important for these people – candidates –  to be mindful of what they say.

So we get to the crux of the matter:


“Dirty politics”. ” Dirty Tricks”. Just another way of saying – “the other guys did this”.

Surely, Ms. MacLeod has some evidence of these “dirty politics”? A secret video of OLP workers going crazy with Exacto knives, perhaps? A memo from the Premier’s office directing that hell be unleashed on all OPC signage?

Of course not. But of course, the OPC would claim that all the emails were deleted…

Ms. MacLeod has the reputation of a bit of a blowhard MPP waiting in wings for the moment when Timmie stumbles at the finish line yet again. She aspires to the Premier’s office (*cringe*).

As such, her advisers should point out to her the importance of using discretion in what she says. “Think” before you open your trap” is how my Dad put it.

Because, unlike me,  she DOES occupy a position of authority and people DO listen to her.

She needs to keep this in mind before again uttering something so completely irresponsible and unsubstantiated.



I’ve never understood why some…

… peeps think it is somehow cool to vandalize someone else’s property. I did a lot of crazy stuff in my youth but never once did I intentionally wreck or deface something that didn’t belong to me. I just didn’t.

And it is quite costly, as reported in this article.

…the city said they responded to 368 requests to repair bus shelters in 2011. There are about 1,400 bus shelters in the city.The City of Ottawa responded to more than 200 reports of shattered glass at bus shelters in 2011. (CBC)

Of those requests, 207 were to fix or clean up shattered glass. It costs $350 to replace one pane of glass.

In 2011 the city spent $225,000 for all bus shelters repairs and another $135,000 to clean up graffiti at the stops.

Crazy. I just don’t get it.