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As O-Town doesn’t really have a Mayoral race to speak of…

… this political junkie has to find another one to follow and enjoy.

And Toronto, the land of the crack-smoking, loud, obnoxious, and the tacky champion of all Torontonians with a sub 75 IQ, is the place to watch. Especially now that Olivia Chow is resigning her seat in the House to run against that slobbering and poor excuse to a human being (and John Tory too… but he’s a different type of a poor excuse for a human being), this race is going to get interesting fast! And there are still 7 months to go before the vote.

In Laschinger and Kinsella, Chow has a strong team; and she’s going to need it. This is NOT going to be a walk in the park. I’ve seen various estimates indicating that the size of FurdNashun is worth about 20-25% at the ballot box. The danger here is that Chow and Tory split the anti-Furd vote and the crackhead comes up the middle.

It would be interesting to see if any of FurdNashun will flip to Tory instead… doubt it, though.

Stay tuned, this is gonna be a helluva ride!


Memo from the PMO to straws…

Dear Straws: we are grasping at you.
Sincerely, Steve


“These latest allegations are troubling. Our Government does not condone illegal drug use, especially by elected officials while in office, including Justin Trudeau. We’ll continue to work with all levels of government on shared priorities, such as jobs and economic growth. That includes working with mayors and city councils, including the Mayor of Toronto and Toronto City Council,” MacDonald, Mr. Harper’s top spokesman, said in the statement.”


Seriously? You found a way to compare the actions of the Horror of Hogtown to JT?

Guess the staffers have checked out the polling on three of the four by elections and have seen that it ain’t looking too good.

Fear, Desperation,
thou hast shown many faces
so rage against all


Rob Ford Campaign 2014 slogans…

… I couldn’t resist.

  • Rob Ford – he’ll crack you up!
  • Rob Ford – promising to be a little more sober during Council meetings
  • Rob Ford – engaging street youth at their level!
  • Rob Ford – running high in the polls!
  • Rob Ford – see him on Letterman, The Daily Show, Leno…
  • Rob Ford – Harper still wants his hat trick!
  • Rob Ford – sober since 9 am… uh, never mind…
  • Rob Ford – honest and open about his life… when forced to by overwhelming public outcry!
  • Rob Ford – supported by Tim Hudak, what?, oh, never mind…
  • Rob Ford – on his own gravy train…
  • Rob Ford – this time promising fewer police officers!
  • Rob Ford – delivering on a 2010 campaign promise to bring homeless people off the streets… and into my car.
  • Rob Ford – making Larry O’Brien look like a genius since 2010


Rob Ford- election hater

So that dahhhling of the knuckle-draggers, the inimitable Rob Ford, thinks he should not have to face the voters in a by election should he be forced to hand in his Chain of Office.

Of course he wants to be reappointed! He knows that the good citizens of The Big Smoke would never elect this buffoon a second time.

Here’s a thought: in the event that the NHL greed-a-thon goes on and the season is cancelled (which I am hoping for at this point), that other über-buffoon in the tacky suits will be out of a job, right? So then he and the former Mayor can do the speaking circuit! And give it a catchy name like The Whining About Progressives Tour, 2013. What a pair they’d make!


The stupid!!!!

It hurts!!!!

Check it out, there’s a “Rob Ford has been overthrown by Toronto elitists” site!

Democracy Denied!

We the people of Toronto and friends in the rest of Canada who support Rob Ford for Mayor of Toronto.

Our voice was shutdown by an activists who brought Rob Ford to court on a technicality for using the wrong letterhead to raise money for underprivileged kids sports.

Those elitist Ford haters wanted to get Ford anyway they could.

Now it’s time to fight back. Let’s bring Rob Ford back into the mayor’s office with an even BIGGER vote margin.

Who writes their stuff? “A BIGGER vote margin”? WTF does that mean? Oh, I get it. They mean “BIGGER margin of victory”! But I guess I’m just being elitist...

And hey, good luck with that!


Meanwhile, over at Blogging Tories…

… the decision to remove Rob Ford from office has been blamed on Toronto lefties.

Yup. Damn lefties. At it again.

Calgary lost the game last night cuz of the lefties too!


Argos win the Grey Cup…

and Rob Ford is ordered to be removed from office!

Ontario Superior Court Justice Charles T. Hackland said in a ruling released Monday that Ford violated the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act when he spoke and participated in a council vote regarding a financial penalty he was ordered to pay. The penalty relates to donations he solicited for his football charity.

What a GREAT 24 hours!!


Look out Yankees!!

Right on AA! You did done good.

Now maybe the Jays can once again contend in the AL East!




Well, I’m a busy man too, officer…

… just like Mayor Ford… is what I’ll say if I am ever pulled over for talking on my cell, eating, reading a paper, watching a video or having a nap while driving.

Hell, if it works for a guy like Rob Ford, who, by virtue of being the Mayor of Canada’s largest city, is supposed to set a good example for the rest of us, then maybe the officer will see my side of the story too!


Rob Ford – he needs the power to…

…deport Canadian citizens.


He does.


Even Kason Jenney, that bastion of intellectualism and its assorted institutions, does not agree.

When Kason is quoting Charter rights, ummmmm…..