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Murders and suicides with firearms…

Note: The registration portion of the Firearms Act was implemented in 2001 and became mandatory in 2003.

I put this table together because of a Twitter conversation that was going back and forth about murder, suicides and firearms.

So here is a fact-based, empirical set of data on what went down between 2000 and 2007.

For me, the striking thing is the decrease of firearm related suicides. Quite remarkable.

I should mention that these data are publicly available and accessible at no cost.

What other conclusions do you draw from the data?


Grasshopper is dead!

We’re interrupting the “Trashy goes to Paris” series for this breaking announcement. David Carridine, star of the most excellent TV series of the late 1970’s, Kung Fu has died in Bangkok – apparently by his own hand.

But maybe not. The family has asked the FBI to investigate as they say that Grasshopper was happy,bought a new car, etc. Plus (cover your kids’ eyes parents) he hanged himself by his neck and his, uh, genitals. There is talk that he accidentally killed himself while partaking in a dangerous sex game. Um. No. I’m not gonna Google what that might mean.

Be that as it may, I was a big fan. And this is sad to hear.