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Stephen Harper

Harper is at the post, and there goes the starter’s pistol!!

Lots of speculation in the MSM and social media about when Stevie is going to visit the GG. The conventional wisdom is that he will make the walk (naw, he’ll be driven) sometime in August in order to make a long campaign a reality; a campaign where the CPC can spend, spend, spend their way to another victory.

The signs are already there for anyone who cares to look:

  • The Annual Steve Shows He Cares About The North Tour™ has been cancelled for this year.
  • Skippy gave away his gazillions to each and every family with kids in the country…until tax time, of course.
  • The polls are inexplicably showing CPC strength and upward trends in most of the country (hmmm… might be tied to Skippy’s Gazillions™?)
  • The Duffster trial is due to crank up again on August 11, with Sir Nigel up as the first witness. The Harper brain-trust (which is, of course, Steve and Steve alone) might think it wise to get the campaign rolling just as the trial resumes in order to front-load any potential damage that the trial may have into the earliest part of the campaign… then spend gazillions on ads designed to change the channel.

So if August, then when?

I looked up some Canada-related significant dates in August, as we know that SH the PM is very into tying himself to the past…

Aug. 13, 1535 – Cartier becomes the first European to sail into the St. Lawrence River, which he believes is a route to Asia. Two sons of Iroquois Chief Donnacona, who are guiding Cartier, refer to their native village as Canada, the explorer’s first exposure to the name.

Aug. 3, 1876 – The first telephone call between separate buildings is made by inventor Alexander Graham Bell, in Mount Pleasant, Ont., to his uncle, David Bell, in Brantford, Ont.

Aug. 12, 1728 – Danish sailor Vitus Johassen Bering sails through the strait that now bears his name in an expedition that would prove that Asia and North America are some 60 kilometres apart.

Aug. 4. 1914 – Following Germany’s invasion of Belgium, Britain declares war on Germany. Canada, as part of the British Empire, is engaged in the war as well.

Aug. 19, 1942 – Canadian troops sustain major losses in a raid on the French port of Dieppe. Nearly 1,000 Canadians die and another 1,800 are taken prisoner.

Aug. 10, 1960 – The Bill of Rights, specifying the rights of Canadians, becomes law. (OK. I just threw this one in to see if you were paying attention! We all know that Harper would never make an election announcement on a day when those pesky “rights” were enshrined!)

Of the above, I would suggest 4th, 13th or 19th. The 4th and 19th both ring loudly in the military history and Steve might be tempted to make the visit on one of those two days. But he runs the risk of pissing off veterans and others as this might be seen as making political hay out of military events (when Steve likes to do, of course).

But, recognising that Harper will not make the northern swing and the still-fairly-recent discoveries of the Franklin ships AND the uptick in ads trumpeting the ol’ true north strong and free motif (the one with the icebreakers), my bet would be on the 12th. It is a Wednesday, not so early that Canadians would grumble about having their summers “ruined”, but not so late as to take full advantage of the CPC war chest. That date is also 13 days after the latest GDP numbers are released… numbers that may quite possibly show that we are indeed in a recession. AND the Wright testimony should be over by then, allowing Harper to go into damage-control mode early in the campaign rather than later when Canadians might actually remember this on their way to the polling stations.

Of course, all of the above might be totally off base and the writ will be dropped in September. Who can really know the mind of Sir Steve?


Memo from the PMO to straws…

Dear Straws: we are grasping at you.
Sincerely, Steve


“These latest allegations are troubling. Our Government does not condone illegal drug use, especially by elected officials while in office, including Justin Trudeau. We’ll continue to work with all levels of government on shared priorities, such as jobs and economic growth. That includes working with mayors and city councils, including the Mayor of Toronto and Toronto City Council,” MacDonald, Mr. Harper’s top spokesman, said in the statement.”


Seriously? You found a way to compare the actions of the Horror of Hogtown to JT?

Guess the staffers have checked out the polling on three of the four by elections and have seen that it ain’t looking too good.

Fear, Desperation,
thou hast shown many faces
so rage against all


Reactions of selected Canadian politicos…

…upon hearing of Alice Munro winning the Nobel Prize for Literature

Pauline Marois – “The Parti Québécois does not recognise this award because her writings are clearly counter to our Charter of Values. And I’m told that she doesn’t speak french”.

Stephen Harper – “Because of my extensive literary experience gained while writing my book – and thus created thousands of Canadian jobs in bookstores from coast to coast in this great conservative land, Ms. Munro has consulted me on several occasions to run ideas by me, or just to chat, brilliant author to brilliant author.”

John Baird – “Ms. Munro would have won this award years ago if it were not for Justin Trudeau and his plan to sell pot to Canadian children!”

Mike Duffy – “Hey! There’s a chunk of cash that goes with that, right? I wonder if she could float me a few thou’…”

Peter MacKay – “I will fly her to Sweden myself in one of those spiffy new fighter jets. Oh. Wait….”

Pierre Polievere – “This award is yet another example of the success of Canada’s Economic Action Plan, brought to you by Canada’s strong, stable Conservative government and our distinguished leader, Prime Minister Stephen Harper; who, incidentally I have heard will be on the Nobel short list next year.”

Vic Toews – “I knew about this long ago.”

Tim Hudak – “Alice who? Does her son play for the Leafs.”

Rob Ford – “There’s no video. How can I comment on something that doesn’t exist? You’re from the Star, aren’t you?”


Yeah, yeah…

… I KNOW that the only poll that matters is the one held on E Day, but for Libs like me, this is encouraging:

The latest Nanos tracking numbers reveal that national support for the Liberal Party is at 35.4%, just ahead of the Conservatives at 31.3%. Liberal support has been slowly increasing since the last federal election, but has not seen similar numbers since 2009. Ballot support for the NDP is currently at 23.6%, while the Bloc and the Greens have 4.8% and 4.2%, respectively.

And it must be a little worrying for those 25 year old staffers at the PMO… watch for the ReformCon attack machine to rev it up a notch against JT.

Any bets that this little dance will somehow be twisted into a negative ad?



“Justin Trudeau. Dancing with hot wife while thinking of ways to waste your tax dollars.”

Well, I prefer that to Mr. Roboto:


“Have a good day young Mr. Harper.”


Liberal leadership race – Joyce Murray for PM

As much as I’d like to believe that Joyce Murray can pull off an upset and win the LPC leadership, I cannot realistically expect this to happen. Trudeau has the momentum, the money and the supporters. And the hair.


Joyce has the policy knowledge. She knows the files. We don’t know if JT knows the files. J’en doute.

She has the guts to stand up to the hyper partisan portion of the party to say : let’s put our differences with the NDP aside for one election and cooperate in order to defeat the Cons. Then we reform the electoral system with something that will more accurately represent the intentions on Canadians.

She recognizes that splitting the centre / left of centre vote election after election will only assure a CPC government… Election after election.

She also sees the value of environmental sustainability and policies aimed to ensure that biodiversity, our water supplies and our food supplies are protected.

She also knows that Canada’s place on the international stage has been severely tarnished by the Harperites, and she will work to put us back in a place where we are once again respected.

And she also knows that the war on marijuana is one that should have never been waged and the time has come to legalize its use and remove the criminal element from this industry.

I Just voted for Joyce Murray, the best candidate to represent the interests of Canadian progressives and the LPC!

And I hope my vote helps to elect her.


Saturday miscellany…

Hee…. hee… still laughing about Obama’s win... love seeing freakazoids like the Tea Baggers lose!


Remembrance Day is tomorrow. Give some thought to soldiers old and young and how war has ruined and changed so many lives. They have earned at the very least our respect not only on November 11, but every day.

Too bad the CPC doesn’t agree.

========================================================================================================================================================Hockey lockout continues... and I think some fans will turn away for good. I might be one of them… billionaires arguing with millionaires. And it’s the concession staff, ticket takers, sports bar staff, etc., who suffer the greatest.

And they make neither billions nor millions.



World War Z. I might just take this flick in!


I’ve been battling a bastard of a cold for almost two weeks! Hacking, coughing, not getting enough sleep… I blame Jason Kenney.


Interesting, this whole Chief-spook thing... the head of the CIA resigns after being caught putting something where it shouldn’t have been put…

At first, I was surprised about the resignation. Men and women cheat on their spouses all the time, but don’t have to give up their jobs. After some thought, I then realised that the affair could be fodder for blackmail by the bad guys and the affair, hence, becomes a security risk. Does that sound reasonable? I also heard that he is an ex-General, and adultery is a fire-able offense for senior officers. And even though he is not active, he may have felt honour-bound to fall upon the sword.

Don’t agree with what he did, but how he handled it what amazingly classy, and, yeah, honourable.


 Finally, much cyber-ink has been spilled about Harpo sending his private limo across the world to India to ensure his protection while there.

NEW DELHI, INDIA Prime Minister Stephen Harper is travelling in India using at least two armoured vehicles flown in from Canada, an extraordinary measure that suggests the prime minister is facing heightened security threats during his extended visit here.

And as many as 70 Canadian security personnel — a bigger than usual contingent — has traveled to India to ensure the prime minister’s protection, according to a source.

Guess what?

I *gulp* agree with this.

Look. Like it or not, Steve is a foreign leader in an non-secure environment. He needs to be safe. This was the right move. If I were the PM, I would have done likewise.

Man, it gives me cramps when I agree with the Prime Robot.

I need a drink.


I’m writing this in the stands at my son’s skating practice. Wow, has he ever improved! And he adamantly refuses to do the ” Chicken Dance” as requested by the teachers. Atta boy!!!
At this rate, he doesn’t have far to go before he betters his old man!


Last, the diet. Dropped 18 lbs. BP consistently around 118/78. Feel good except for that motherf***er of a cold.

And its not really that hard to go lo Na.

I’ll cheat. Not the CIA version, but my birthday is approaching and we are spending next weekend at Chateau Montebello. I’ll not care about the salt content for one night.

I’ve done did good.

Have a great week!



Friday miscellany…

Happy Canada Day edition!


About these “Harper Hates Me” buttons – I’m coming down on this issue on a side that you might not expect…

Public servants who got in trouble for wearing “Stephen Harper Hates Me” buttons to work are fighting back.

Several employees at the Canada Revenue Agency who were told to remove the buttons by their managers have filed grievances through their union to fight the order.

The buttons were made by members of the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC), the largest union representing federal public servants, and have been circulating around the country. Some workers wore them at May Day rallies to mark International Workers Day and they were available at PSAC’s national convention in Ottawa at the end of April.

Robert Campbell, president of the Union of Taxation Employees (UTE), which falls under the PSAC umbrella, said some CRA employees pinned the buttons to their jackets and wore them to and from work in the following weeks. They complied when advised to remove them.

Look, folks criticise the government all of the time and I do think that The Robot and his minions don’t particularly “love” the PS. BUT, as long as it is done on your own time and own equipment (at home or over an iPhone, for example), criticism is within the bounds. But government critics who are also in the PS ought to be very careful about the line that is straddled because, like it or not, ultimately, the government is the boss. And one should not criticise them on work time or on work premises. As far as I am concerned, what public servants do outside these parameters is well within their rights, as long as they are not casting aspersions on their own departments.

So no, the employer is within their rights to demand that these buttons not be worn on work premises. Just like they have the right to dictate hours and dress codes.


Even though I am not a BB user, I do of course feel for the thousands of families who are going to suffer because of the downfall of the once Canadian Golden Boy of the tech world.

RIM plunges
Shares of Research In Motion Ltd. are plunging in pre-market action this morning in the wake of the company’s brutal first-quarter results and the decision to delay its crucial new BlackBerry 10.

RIM stock is down by about 15 per cent in pre-market moves on Nasdaq as the BlackBerry maker’s stunning fall from grace continues amid heated competition from the likes of Apple Inc.’s popular iPhone and devices running Google Inc.’s Android system.

But I gotta wonder if this would have happened hadn’t the previous CEO, Jim Basillie, been more concerned with his companies health than with landing an NHL franchise.

Just sayin’…


How about that pony-tailed Senator that Justin Trudeau laid a thumping on? Pretty outta control, I’d say!

Brazeau wasn’t just missing from the Senate floor. Between June 2011 and April 2012, he also missed 65 per cent of meetings at the aboriginal peoples committee on which he sits.

He was away for 31 per cent of the meetings of the human rights committee, where he is deputy chair.

The senator, appointed in 2008 by Prime Minister Stephen Harper, sent an email response to a request for comment.

“The very simple answer to your question with respect to my attendance or lack thereof is for personal matters,” said Brazeau, former national chief of the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples.

He did not elaborate, but later posted a message on Twitter directed to the reporter, Jennifer Ditchburn of The Canadian Press: “while u smile Jen, others suffer. Change the D to a B in your last name and we’re even! Don’t mean it but needs saying.”

Like I said to Dean, Dean, The Cheque Cashing Machine – stay classy, big guy!


Hey! Maybe the Cons can use the old Gun Registry for this… just change a few data fields, et voilà!

A local MP and police in northwest Toronto are calling for a national stolen cellphone registry to stop an epidemic of thefts in their area and across the city.

Mike Sullivan, MP for York South-Weston, says the CRTC must act quickly to create a registry of identification numbers from stolen cellphones and ask providers not to reactivate phones on that list.


That’s all for now! Have a safe and fun long weekend and try to picture a Canada Day a few years out when we will NOT have Stephen Harper living at 24 Sussex…


No one is really surprised, right?

That Harper is opening the door leading down a right-to-choose debate corridor?

If you are, or if you really think that this is an innocent Private Member Motion to simply discuss updating the “when does life begin” law, then you need to give your head a shake.

Of course, the timing of this is to distract Canadians from the F-35, prisons, crime bill, Bev Oda, election fraud, etc. etc. And the motion itself is intended to appease the red meat social cons from the west and in rural Canada.

The end game is to take away or limit right-to-choose rights from women. There is no doubt in my mind.

Harper micromanages and controls all messaging coming out of the CPC. All of it. This PMM did NOT just sneak though. It has the full support of the PM.

Didn’t he say last election “Let me be perfectly clear, we will no reopen the abortion debate”

Asked in French by a reporter whether he is personally for or against a woman’s right to choose abortion, Harper didn’t answer directly.

“Very clearly I am against reopening that debate,” he said. “That is my position, now and in the past five years as well, and as long as I am prime minister, we will not reopen the debate on abortion. We will leave the law as it stands.”

Yup. He sure did.

But of course, campaign promises are a dime a dozen for these guys, eh?


My debate teacher told us that…

ad hominem attacks were cowardly and used only by those of inferior intellect. And I agree.

Yet the CPC doesn’t see it this way. Politics over policy. Attacks over debate. Accusations over cooperation. It’s the Stephen Harper Way.

Daniel Veniez penned a good article in iPolitics about the latest series of cowardly attack ads on Bob Rae.

Mr. Harper has taken Canada down an ugly path of gradual incrementalist polarization, division, cynicism, and subterfuge. I am deeply embarrassed and ashamed that such an amoral and unethical character could sit in the chair of the most important office in the land. He does not deserve the respect his office commands. Why? Because this sinister attack is only the latest in a very long string of flagrantly debasing drive-by hits, destructive and cynical policy, and immoral conduct by this small man and his smaller coterie of taxpayer-funded cheap shot artists and assassins.

This criticism is not aimed at the vast majority of Conservative Party members. They are good and decent people. I know they are horrified with how Stephen Harper has perverted the basic values of the old Reform and Progressive Conservative parties.

Robert Stanfield, Joe Clark, Brian Mulroney and Kim Campbell would never sanction – much less stomach – Stephen Harper’s actions and the ugly politics he personifies.

My favourite quote : “Stephen Harper is the Todd Bertuzzi of Canadian politics.” Good one!

Majority Government. No election in sight for years. And still they practice the politics of cynicism and fear…


Friday miscellany…

So Harper is acting all smug and tough in Davos, isn’t he?

Although short on details, Mr. Harper’s speech to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, on Thursday made clear the sweep of his ambition. He will change how Canadians finance their retirement. He will overhaul the immigration system. He will make oil and gas exports to Asia a “national priority” and aggressively pursue free trade in India and Europe.

Sigh. I agree with most of that but too bad no one in Davos is calling him on the G8 slush fund, the In and Out scandal, abandoning the environment to oil companies, corporate welfare enhancements, etc., etc.

Message to the Cons – the pendulum will swing back one day – and it will smack you right in the forehead!

It’s All Star weekend in Ottawa! So why aren’t I smitten? I dunno, but I guess I’m getting more cynical as I get older and see these things more as money-making circuses and less like celebrations of the game.

Am I becoming a curmudgeon?


Good to see that the OC Trashpo head, Alain Mercier has backed down from his “you’ll get GPS data when I say you can” stance -,albeit under enormous political pressure from both some Transit Commissioners (thank you Councillor Tierney!) and the public at large.


Hens in the backyard? Why not, as long as there are strict controls in place and enforced. I grew up on a hobby farm where we had fresh eggs every day. Nothing like them.

There is a movement building in O Town to convince Council into changing the City Bylaw that prohibits the keeping of backyard hens. Keeping hens in an urban setting is not exactly an unusual practice and provides food for a household and education for the little ones. If done properly, there is little noise and no smell.

Check out this link to see how a successful urban hen policy can work.


So, O Canada ranked 4th out of 6 national anthems examined in a British study…. in terms of sing-along-ablily, that is…

I’m not surprised at all… The ol’ Soviet National Anthem rocked… didn’t understand a freakin’ word, of course.