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stephen harper is a robot


The CPC robot HQ has been FOUND!


The evil metal minions tried to escape detection but much arm-flailing and the repeated chant “DANGER! DANGER! DANGER!” made it rather easy for Trashy’s World investigators to track down.

Film at 11.


Newt Harper…


He’s a robot…

…it says so here…

This came home with my son the other day – part of his pre-school “portfolio”.

Good to see that the boy has been paying attention for the past couple of years!


Now there is no doubt, Stephen Harper is indeed a robot…

The icy and unfeeling glare of his dead eyes.

His hair that doesn’t move.

His hands’ jerky motions.

The way he unbuttons his jacket.

The complete lack of passion in his speech.

Can there be any doubt that the leader of the CPC is really just an assembly of diodes, chips and plastic who plugs himself in at night to re-charge his lithium batteries?

But don’t take my word for it.


Is Stephen Harper really a robot?

The short answer… Yes. Yes he is. Yup


He was created by Sky Net and is a terminator sent from the future. His position in government allows him not to arouse suspicion as all people in government operate similar to robots. Also everytime he stands up he buttons his suit jacket and when he sits down he unbuttons it. This is the first sign of a robot, as they are programmed to do this so they can find others. Yes. There are more out there.

There’s a Facebook page!

Even an American site proclaims him to be one!


A little known fact is that Harper is actually some form of super intelligent Robot/Cyborg (and by super intelligent I do mean dumb as a deranged letter opener). His plans include stealing the brains of everyone in the legislature; fortunately for the cabinet Harper has yet to find any semblance of brains within the Canadian parliament.

Though, the site does say he is NOT a vampire!

So there you have it. The current PM is a robot. And, if Scott Feschuk is to be believed (and why wouldn’t he?), PMSH could be part of the vanguard of robotic overloads who are preparing to invade our planet! But this might be a good thing!

It’s been a while since I raised the potential threat posed by robots. In fact, it’s been so long that some readers have emailed to accuse me of having been bought off and silenced by the menacing robo-industrial complex. Let me assure you: nothing, with the exception of a Conservative TV commercial depicting Stephen Harper as empathetic, could be further from the truth.

But my thinking has definitely evolved. A year ago, I described the many horrors of the forthcoming robocalypse and how—thanks to advances in robotics—all humanity is destined to lead lives that are much more leisurely and, come the blood-soaked dawn of the robot revolution, much more over.






Attack ads aimed at 3 year olds!

My son Owen just squeezed my palm real hard and said : “I just killed your hand” – after seeing a Con attack ad aired during Backyardigans.

Stephen Harper. Urging 3 year olds to kill hands since 2011.


Summer hijinks – political and non-political

Ah, summer. Hot temps. Thunderstorms. Days at the beach. No need for coats, boots or tuques.


Summer brings with it a feeling of satisfaction with oneself, one’s community and one’s country. All’s good, man.

I love the heat.. I didn’t when I was a kid… we had a small hobby farm whose composition varied between horses, pigs, chickens, ducks and geese. I hated the geese. They used to grab my bell bottom jeans and beat me with their wings.

Evil critters, geese.

But worst of all was in the summertime and the hay and straw used for food and bedding. I am deadly allergic to pollen and animals (the allergist has told me my biggest bugaboo is the meek little rabbit). Of course, my parents didn’t believe me when I complained of being unable to breathe, stinging eyes and a constantly running nose. They thought I was trying to get outta work. And said work which often consisted of being in a hay loft full of reaction-inducing chaff and hauling bale after bale down to the equally reaction-inducing animals.

This is a big reason why I’m not crazy about animals to this very day. We have a cat. Clarence. But we will NEVER have a dog, rabbit, or any other beast other than some goldfish and maybe a gecko or tarantula.

As a child, winter was a welcome respite from my allergies.

But, as I said in the first paragraph, summer also brings feelings of contentment with one’s lot in life. Canadians are pretty happy at this time of the year. Fresh off Canada Day, we are starting vacations (13 more work days till mine!), BBQing, swimming in pools and at beaches, and not really paying any attention to what is going on around us politically.

Which is why I think Harpy is preparing to call an election.

Yup. Think about it. late August and early September would be ideal for him to go to the polls. The Grits are going nowhere fast with their so-called Leader languishing behind Harpo, Jacko and Groucho in the leadership polls. But the Libs are gaining some of their support back in Ontario and elsewhere, which would not bode well for a ReformCon chance at a majority.

And Ontario and BC voters are pissed off about the HST thing (though I personally think it’s a good idea) and the difference between provincial and federal political parties is not really clear to the average voter. Thus, they may take out some of their anger by voting for the ReformCons. So Stevo must be thinking that the iron is ripe for strikin’! Majority – here we come!!!!

But who needs a majority? The Cons are pretty much getting everything they want anyhow… what with their coalition partner’s support! So why not roll the dice and take a chance at the big time? The Maclean’s writer, Paul Wells (with whom I seldom agree) puts it this way:

If an election goes really well for him, he’ll be Prime Minister when it’s over. But he’s Prime Minister already. And he’s really the Prime Minister. Another evergreen Ottawa myth asserts that Harper is somehow unfulfilled without a parliamentary majority. But he has had a majority for four years, thanks to a succession of not-ready-for-prime-time Liberals. Every budget he has ever whipped up has passed with Liberal votes.

And in concert with the Liberals, Stephen Harper is changing this country. He was able to gut environmental oversight of energy projects in the middle of a historic energy-sector environmental disaster. He is stuffing the nation’s prisons like Christmas geese. He spent $1 billion turning the country’s biggest city into a demonstration of the necessity (if not, ahem, the effectiveness) of tough policing against thugs, rabble, bicyclists and other miscreants. Inside the riot zone, with the world watching, he stared down Barack Obama in a debate over continued fiscal stimulus vs. relative budgetary restraint. He gets to name Supreme Court justices. He gets to name a new governor general. He’s in charge of nominations to every board and agency.

So he gets to have his cake – and with Iggy’s cooperation – eat it too! So go for the gusto and call a fall election!  Worst case scenario is that he is back as PM and still being supported by their “unofficial” coalition partner.

What a cute couple*

Meanwhile – only 13 more work days till my vacation… ahhhh… hope the heat wave sticks around.

Just keep the critters away from me, K?

*thanks to Harper Valley for the pic.


Liberal non-believers smarter than conservative believers…

This is pretty self-evident, isn’t it?

Look at the christian fundamentalists for crap sake… not the reddest apples in the barrel!

I mean, they watch Fox News, believe that dinosaurs and humans shared the same ‘hood, think that Sarah Palin would make a good President and believe that Stephen Harper really is

This is sure gonna spark some fodder on the conservative talk shows!



Harperites ain’t so “handsome”

And so it begins.

PS union leaders are meeting with the President of the Treasury Board, Stockwell “cavemen fought dinosaurs” Day to talk about what they should expect in the next budget, due to be released on March 4th. And federal public servants are justifiably afraid of what the budget may have in store for the PS pension plan – already described by Jimbo Flahtery as “handsome”.

I’ve gone on and on about the PS pension plan, as have others. And if you are in the PS, you pretty much like the status quo, but if you are not, you pretty much think that the pesnions are already way too generous for a buncha lazy good-for-nothing bureaucrats.

So I’m not going to rant on and on about this yet again, except to say this:

Mr. Day, changing the rules of the game is OK if those new rules apply to new employees. They can make the decision whether or not to pursue as a vocation, a career in the PS. The rules of the game are up front and transparent.

But if you dare to change the rules for those of us who have worked hard under the assumption that what we signed on for would still be in place when we retire, then, Mr. Day, you will be in for a fight.  Mark my words.


Some more thoughts on The Ring…

The Onion Ring besting the PM is still getting attention.

95,544 fans as of the writing of this post.

Hee-hee. I love it.

Of course, someone has started a counter group: Can this Doorknob get more fans than Michael Ignatieff. I might join the one other fan. Just to show I’m truly non-partisan.

In other news: Colts over Saints – 45-42 (OT)


Could it be that Canadians are shedding their sloth-like apathy?

After today’s fairly successful protests across Canada, one could answer with a qualified “maybe”.

No, tens of thousands didn’t mobilize on the Hill. But most accounts put the crowd at 3,000 in Ottawa, 10,000 in T.O. and 25 K in total across the country. Not bad for the chattering classes, eh Tony?

Time will tell if these protests are indicative of an awaking of Canucks from our collective slumber and the beginnings of a movement to dethrone the Robot King.

Here’s hoping!