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Danger under the snow…

Take care out there kids, especially if you’re in the NCR. Beaucoup de neige!

These are also the ideal conditions for winter hoop snakes. These critters very much like it around the freezing mark and thrive especially well when the first snow of the season hits. This gives them adequate cover to stealthily sneak up on their prey. Of course, while small animals and occasionally cats are the hoops’ usual victims, they can be deadly to humans as well. So caution should be exercised at all times.



I hate snow.




I hate when snowflakes make their inevitable reappearance on the Environment Canada website.



I’m dreaming of a…

…greeeeeeen Christmas…


Snow. In Toronto. Say it ain’t so!

Why doesn’t anyone think of the children of Toronto??? Some of them may miss Montessori today!


Rob Ford: now where’s that number for the Army?

“I’m sure that damned socialist Lastman left it around here somewhere. Maybe Cherry knows.”

The Big Smoke and environs is due for another 20-30 cm of army-inducing snow tomorrow. Madness will ensue. Civic officials will publicly fret. Rob Ford will declare an emergency when his fave Timmie’s drive-through is blocked by a snowplow and he is unable to get his double-double and honey cruller.

Meanwhile in Ottawa, we might get an inch or two. But Parliament is back in session, so that makes up for it.