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Cletus, Jethro, Beula and Slim…

… would all be great names for the yet-to-be-born latest British royal anachronism!
I listened with disgust this morning as some zombie from the monarchist league of Canada (yes, they’re still around and huffing and puffing their “I love da Queen!” royal crap) was being interviewed on Ottawa morning. He was all a-titter about – get this – a “naming party” that this throwback group is having tonight to talk about what the latest royal brat should be named.
Can you say “too much time on your hands”?
I almost rear ended the truck in front of me when the guy said, “well, this will be the King or Queen of Canada, you know.”
I find it unbelievable that a significant portion of our population still buys into the notion that the head of our government should be a foreign monarch with absolutely zero democratic legitimacy. I thought that most of these people would eventually die out, but no such luck so far.
Knowing that I’ll likely not see it in my time, I still feel good shouting : <strong>Long Live the Republic of Canada!</strong>



Royal this and royal that is a royal pain in the a$$!

As usual, I gag when I see how the CPC is regressing Canada back to the days when we were a only years removed from being a colony.

What’s next? The Royal Canadian Department of Natural Resources?

I hope I live long enough to see us finally drop the colonial anachronism.


CPC pays homage to yet another anachronism…

… by putting “Royal” back in the names of the Navy and the Air Force.

Loving anachronisms – it’s the CPC way…

This move is just plain bone-headed on so many levels! Even some Cons that I know are scratching their heads a bit over this one! Some traditionalists are saying: “Hooray! We’re going back to the days before that mean PM Trudeau combined the Forces together!”. To them I say – welcome to the 21st century! Here is a calendar!

Look, I don’t pretend to know what those in the Forces think about this. But I don’t “get” why adding “Royal” in front of the “Canadian Air Force” and the “Navy” would matter one way or the other to them. Aren’t they more concerned about having up-to-date equipment in the field and fair pensions and health care in their post-military years?

Just sayin’…

Hey! Maybe under King Harper we can be the once again the sacrificial lambs that we once were for the British Empire. Doesn’t anyone remember World War I? Or Dieppe?

What’s next? Here are some ideas.

  • Regressive Cons rename Ontario Upper Canada

  • Ottawa is removed as the National Capital. Instead, an on-line contest is held – sponsored by Tim Horton’s. Canmore, Alberta wins.

  • God Save the Queen replaces O Canada.

  • The Red Ensign returns
  • Dollar is replaced by pounds, shillings and pence

  • Public servants have to take an Oath of Loyalty to the Queen… oh wait – we already do that….