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Today is the Angry Man’s Birthday!

Yes, folks, Stevo is sure to tie one on tonight in celebration of the 54th year since his construction in a robotics factory somewhere in Southern Ontario.

So, in honour of the head CPC henchman, I have composed a haiku…

Bonne Fête, oh angry man
Count your days as Emperor
You’re toast in two years


Harper showing non-robotic signs


Stevo gets up on stage with Yo Yo Ma at the NAC… how pinko-lefty is THAT?

Well, I have to grudgingly give credit where due. After all of the arts-bashing that this government has been merrily doing, some keener at the PMO came up with the good idea to try and portray The Boss (not the one that performs with Clarence et al) as slightly less aggressive.

I would have loved to have been a bird on the wall in THAT meeting.

Keener: Well, sir, we feel that it would be a smart idea to try and come across as pro-arts… might get us a few centre-left swing votes in the 24-35 female demo.


Keener: S-s-sorry sir.

Steve: Better. Now what have you come up with. SPEAK!

Keener: Uh, well, the famous cellist, Yo Yo Ma is coming to town in early October. Maybe you could get on stage on do a song with him. Something light, like “Sunshine and Lollipops”???

Steve: WHAT!!!! That’s a GIRL song!

Keener: Sorry again… s-s-s-sir. How about “I get by with a little help from my friends”? An old Beatles tune???

Steve: I HAVE NO FRIENDS! ONLY POLITICAL ALLIES!!! But wait, that song does compute to a 4.6% increase in the 55-65 white female dog-owners demographic. Hmmm. Yes, I will do it. Now prepare my bath!

Now. Iggy. How the hell are you gonna follow up?


Breaking news! Stevie may have emotions!

Over in XUP’s ‘hood, there is evidence that our PM may indeed NOT be a robot!

The intrepid Cub Reporter has uncovered photographic proof that Stevo may be capable of feelings!

Canada Jamaica Airplane HijackedWay to go XUP! Now our nation can rest assured that its leader, being capable of having a mancrush, may also be able to  laugh, cry, feel pity and wonder.

Atta boy MR. Harper. I have a new-found respect for you!

But I wonder what the gool ‘ol boyz out west will think of this?