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Rob Anders

Rob Anders is a buffoon, part 346!

Yup, big Rob is at it again!

This time he is trying to stop transgender folks from using women’s washrooms.

Seems that this is a huge problem in his world.

You know that world – the one with green skies, angels and dragons? That one.

Gotta say, though, he’s great fodder for blog posts! Thanks, Robbie!


And so it begins…

Thanks, Rob.

OTTAWA — An outspoken Alberta Conservative MP is condemning his own government’s decision to spend $2.5 million on a new visitor centre honouring Canadian doctor and communist supporter Norman Bethune.

Calgary Tory MP Rob Anders said Thursday the Harper government should not be using taxpayer dollars to fund a facility dedicated to someone who supported a Mao Zedong communist regime in China that killed millions of people.

So all of those whose views ran counter to those of the ReformCons should be condemned?

Love it.

How about these guys, Rob? They’re thew good guys, right??