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A Rapture would have been just dandy for some…

Non Sequitur rox.

And I have to wonder if there weren’t more than a few soft-minded folks out there who were hoping that the dire prediction would be borne true for precisely reasons such as this! There are lots of people going through some hard times in the U S of A right now and desperation breeds soft-mindedness.


I’m a bit politicked out…

and thanks to the Squid-dude, I had a good laugh that I want to share.

Check out his post.

These freaky ├╝ber-Christians say that the “rapture” is coming soon! And the end of the world this Fall!


I’m glad I locked in my mortgage! No telling what will happen to interest rates once the whole rapture thingy goes down!

And yeah, speaking of raptures, Deborah Harry was smokin’!