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Quebec bans religious teaching in publicly subsidized daycares – and Ontario stands by…

La belle province is soooo far ahead of Ontario in soooo many ways.

  • You do not have to go to a designated store to buy booze – just stop at the local d├ępanneur
  • In general, they have better tastes in food and in clothes
  • One word: bagels
  • In general, Quebecois are much more relaxed and less anal retentive than their neighbours to the west.

And finally, they have only one – secular – school system. They abandoned the wasteful discriminatory and anachronistic catholic system in 1997.

And now, the government of Quebec has gone a step further by banning religious teaching in publicly-funded daycares!

Quebec, which has grappled with efforts to limit the place of religion in its public institutions, has decided to bring secularization to the tot-and-toddler set. Starting in June, publicly funded daycares that teach a particular faith to their young charges risk losing their government funding.

Yup. Soooooo far ahead! Congrats to the Charest government (and the Bouchard government in 1998) for showing the cojones that successive governments at Queen’s Park have lacked!