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Russia should NOT be allowed to host…

…the 2018 World Cup.

As Clegg asserts in this article

FIFA is unlikely to strip Putinland of the tourney, however.

Responding this week after some German politicians called for Russia to be boycotted, Fifa said the 2018 tournament could be a “force for good”.

Putin is an international criminal and the head of a rogue and anti-democratic nation. Grand international events should not allowed to happen in nations like these.

Plus, as one of my Facebook friends rightly point out:

Let’s see now when was the last time FIFA IOC or any other big sports franchise chose ethics over money, OH yeah never.


I’m increasingly concerned….

…about what we are going to see as an end game of the Ukraine crisis.

The States is upping the rhetoric, as is the UK. But other European leaders are remaining fairly quiet for fear of Russian repercussions – economic or otherwise.

Putin is in the regional expansion game for the long haul, kids. This isn’t going to just disappear. And I wouldn’t doubt for a moment that he wouldn’t be above shooting down one of his OWN passenger jets as an excuse to launch a ground and artillery attack into eastern Ukraine.


Georgia, Russia, Putin and eerie similarities

There is something frighteningly familiar about Putin’s venture into the Caucasus.

They (well, Putin) are thumbing their collective noses at the West for their incursion into Georgia.

The Russian Defense Minister is doing some sabre-rattling about Poland’s willingness to accept U.S. ground to air missiles based on Polish soil.

Massive egoist at the helm in Russia.

American troops are elsewhere engaged in a useless and unnecessary campaign.

Yeah – I’m getting a little nervous.

One of the commentators on the Mothercorp said this:

I am amazed that anyone supports Russia’s atrocities.
Get a book. Go back to school. See a psychiatrist.
But, don’t support the country with the worst record in human decency.
Read about Stalin.
Read about the second world war.
Read about Poland. Etc. Etc. Etc.
Read about Chechnya right next door in time and geography.
Or talk to anyone born in Russia, living in Canada with loved ones still in Russia
Get real.

Yeah – but “real” is freakin’ scary.

Stay tuned.