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End faith-based education in Ontario!

This great letter appearing in the North Bay Nugget popped up in my news feed this morning.

This particular paragraph caught my attention:

One-third of the permanent, publicly funded teaching positions in Ontario are effectively closed to two-thirds of the population. Current discriminatory hiring practices by the Separate board preclude the hiring of non-Catholic teachers within their schools.

Question – why hasn’t the public school teacher’s union been vociferously opposing the existence of the Catholic school system. It would seem to be in their best interest, no? Maybe they have – but I haven’t seen anything.

And as one of the commenters correctly notes:

Just think how much money would actually go back into schools if we got rid of all the administration for the four boards, not to mention the transportation costs. All these savings would make for a better education system for ALL.

Better education for ALL. not just those who happen to go along with a certain belief system!

Let’s make this an election issue this fall! End faith-based education in Ontario!