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Horribly mixed up fonts aside…

Is this Ten Percenter surely a sign of the ReformCons knowing how they are oh-so-much screwed.


But yeah, how about those fonts?


There are regular lies and misrepresentations…

… and then there are Conservative Party of Canada lies and misrepresentations! And the latter category can contain some whoppers!!!

This is what has me pissed off:

Please find below a statement from the Honourable Steven Blaney, Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness.

Yesterday we learned that Justin Trudeau’s Chief Financial Officer and senior Liberal advisor Chuck Rifici has plans to open a massive, medicinal marijuana operation in rural Ontario, while the Liberal Leader champions marijuana legalization. Minister Blaney issued the following statement on Justin Trudeau’s top priority:


“Under Stephen Harper’s strong leadership, Canada has added more than one million net new jobs since the recession.

“Meanwhile, with absolutely no economic policy, Justin Trudeau’s highest priority remains legalizing marijuana.”

“While the Liberals continue to push for policies that would make marijuana more accessible to children, we’ve been focused on what matters most to Canadians – the economy.

“Our plan is to create more jobs – their plan is to push pot.”

“Canadians deserve to know why Justin Trudeau wants to make it easier for children to access drugs it in their communities.”

No let’s get this straight. This is a business proposal that is being made as a direct result of legislative changes made by the CONSERVATIVE government earlier this year!

The Mayor of Smith Falls is pretty happy about the prospect of new jobs in this town that was hard hit when the Hershey’s plant closed down a few years back.

And how exactly is this going to make it easier for kids to get high? Does the Con attackbot suggest that there will be a retail outlet set up beside the local high school? Or that free samples will be given to children on class tours?

Or maybe the dear MP is against his own government’s legislation? If so, he should let his boss know.

Seriously, what are the Cons smoking? That has to be the reason why they spout such utter trash.



JT smoked pot

Wow. Stop the presses!

Big freaking deal.

So Steve thinks that the honest admission of Justin T that he smoked some weed a few years ago is enough of a reason to declare the leader of the LPC as unfit to be PM.

Yet, according to Mr. Harper, a PM who:

– appoints crooks and liars to the Senate
– prorogues Parliament THREE times for no good reason but to avoid being questioned in the House about questionable CPC activities
– wanted to spy on Canadians’ online activities without a legal warrant
– continues to pour millions into bogus Economic inAction Plan advertising
– has taken Canada from a surplus to a deficit budgetary position in a very short time
– is vilified internationally because of his position on the environment
– grossly mismanaged an important military procurement file
– slashes services to Afghanistan vets as they come back form active duty
– etc, etc ad nauseum

is QUITE fit to be PM…

Um, OK.

Stephen Harper. He’s clearly not up to the job.