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Nyet, nyet Soviets!

Not going to go into panic mode here and start running around like a Marxist at a Walmart convention… but this is starting to be a little worrying.

Sure, the Russians are going back to their tried and true Stalinist / Soviet ways: intimidate / terrorise and, if all else fails, invade those countries that do not kowtow to the Bear’s whims.

Worst of all, the Kremlin isn’t doing a damn thing to assuage the worries in the West.

Stay tuned…


Georgia, Russia, Putin and eerie similarities

There is something frighteningly familiar about Putin’s venture into the Caucasus.

They (well, Putin) are thumbing their collective noses at the West for their incursion into Georgia.

The Russian Defense Minister is doing some sabre-rattling about Poland’s willingness to accept U.S. ground to air missiles based on Polish soil.

Massive egoist at the helm in Russia.

American troops are elsewhere engaged in a useless and unnecessary campaign.

Yeah – I’m getting a little nervous.

One of the commentators on the Mothercorp said this:

I am amazed that anyone supports Russia’s atrocities.
Get a book. Go back to school. See a psychiatrist.
But, don’t support the country with the worst record in human decency.
Read about Stalin.
Read about the second world war.
Read about Poland. Etc. Etc. Etc.
Read about Chechnya right next door in time and geography.
Or talk to anyone born in Russia, living in Canada with loved ones still in Russia
Get real.

Yeah – but “real” is freakin’ scary.

Stay tuned.