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No Harper Zone post – Food I couldn’t live without

Since I quit smoking 6 years ago, my taste buds have regenerated to a certain degree. I have a better appreciation of the subtleties of many foods and drink. Red wine is more fruity. Sour foods are more tangy and spicy foods are more likely to burn my

But that doesn’t explain some of my choices of foods I could not live without.

They are not in any particular order and some may change from day to day or week to week.

  • Planter’s dry roasted peanuts with a glass of Clamato juice. There is something about this combo that is salty, juicy and rich all at once…. A great night-time snack in front of the tube.
  • Triscuits – the original ones and not one of those low-salt or rosemary flavoured imitations. Great memories of my undergrad years when, after a night at the pub and without enough $$’s to order a pizza, I would put cheese on top of the Triscuit and try to melt it with my Bic lighter… yummmmm… butane, Triscuit and cheese…mmmm…
  • Pizza. Real pizza. Preferably with a thick crust, tons of cheese and covered with salami, mushrooms, green olives and just a few anchovies… a nice, fatty round hard attack waiting to happen
  • Speaking of heart attacks – poutine has top be one of the most decadent foods out there! But is has to be real poutine with real cheese curds! Not the stuff you get at a fast food restaurant or in my building’s cafeteria! Once, during a biz trip to Victoria, B.C., a colleague and I made the mistake of ordering poutine with BLUE cheese instead of real cheese curds. We both almost threw up.
  • Beef. Any cut. But especially a nice thick tenderloin. Rare. And with a baked potato and sour cream on the side.
  • Breaded chicken. Especially Shake and Bake. Quick and easy to make and leftovers are a great lunch the next day.
  • A fresh tomato sandwich. On white bread with mayo and lots of freshly ground pepper. What a summer treat! I remember my Mom making these when I was a kid and I still love ‘em.
  • Dan dan noodles. Had these for the first time when I was in China. The restaurant at the hotel where we held our meetings had especially yummy ones… made fresh in front of you with your choice of broth and some ground pork on top!
  • Butter chicken – my fave Indian dish. Gimme a fresh naan, a plate full of the butteries, and I’m happy for the day!
  • Speaking of chicken – hot wings in front of a football game, accompanied by a good ale, is Nirvana!
  • Hooka – this is a baked sausage that I used to help my Hungarian-born grandma make. You start with a pig’s head chopped in two. Boil that for a few hour till everything falls off, add some liver, then some rice… then feed it all into sheep intestines until you have this really thick sausage that you put into the oven. It’s hard to find, but the sausage place in the Market has it from time to time.
  • OK –OK – OK… I’d better throw in a vegetable beside potatoes… hmmm… that would be onions! Especially pickled ones! They go especially well with my famous pickled eggs!

So, what from above appeals to you or disgusts you? Are you gonna call my doctor and tell him that he had better talk some sense into me?

There, a whole post and not one mention of ol’ dead eyes… I’m proud.


City Council proves to be as stubborn as the ATU! Yay team!

Ottawa’s “embattled” City Council met into the wee hours of the night discussing the ATU’s latest proposal. Undoubtedly putting back urns of coffee, chain-smoking cigarettes and ordering in pizza from Lorenzo’s..

OK – they likely weren’t smoking.

Which they essentially turned down by presenting a , uh, counter-offer.

And yes, I fully expect the union to turn down the counteroffer and we’ll be no further ahead – leaving Canada’s Capital City once again without transit for the foreseeable future.

This reminds me of a game that little boys play when they stand side by side to see who has the most, um, “distance” – if you get my drift. It is a game better appreciated in the winter where the lengths of  the yellow tracks in the snow are easier to compare.

So what next? Like I said, I don’t expect the ATU to go along with the City – but I hope I end up eating my words.

But remember – never eat yellow snow, eh?