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I love Instagram!

Some pics for a Saturday.

Notre Dame Cathedral.



My fave resto in the world! South Beauty Szechuan, Beijing.


Star rated is good…



Columbia ice fields.



Self explanatory.20120929-112726.jpg


Trashy in China, 4.0

Some pics… I’ll post more later this weekend after some sight-seeing.


Yes, so I was gonna post this stuff…

… about David Warren or the end results of my root canal (which was a lot like reading one of DW’s columns – whooooaaa!!)… or the weather or something… but I’m bummed out by the fact that it’s Monday and it’s a beautiful day AND I’m on the bus to fricking work…

So, instead I’m just gonna post a bunch of pictures that I have taken or run across lately and thought to be semi-kewl.

Back to serious stuff later, k?

Substitute the 30th with May 2 and this could very well have been in Liberal Party HQ… (see… I’m getting my sense of humour back….)

What we’re doing in July…

My son after hearing that Manchester United secured the EPL crown… he’s a Gooner too!

My wild leeks are a-pickling away! I’ll be taking some to my Annual Divisional Picnic!

On the left, John Baird. On the right, Jim Flaherty. In the middle… Well… C’mon… He tawt he ta a puddy tat!!!

Our new patio door! Now for a new patio…

Finally, and most importantly…