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Well, there ya go.

Got a call from school that my 7 year old son wasn’t feeling great. So now we’re home and it’s an early weekend

I thought it was a touch of something, or maybe something he ate, but he just told me that he heard there was going to be an Ontario election and that Tim Hudak could become Premier.

Yeah. I’m a bit ill thinking of that too.



Do as I say, not as I do…

Given the hoops that Public Servants are forced to jump through to be able to have coffee available at a meeting, this type of stuff REALLY pisses me off!

Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s own department has repeatedly broken the government’s tough rules for hospitality spending.

An internal report on how the Privy Council Office spent $340,000 on hospitality found widespread flouting of a basic rule — that is, public servants must get prior approval from a supervisor before spending the cash.

The review of 2,100 hospitality claims over 13 months, ending last June, found employees repeatedly failed to get a green light before racking up expenses.

The average claim was for about $160, for drinks, meals and other largesse.

I’m serious. If you aren’t a Public Servant who has tried to get even the tiniest hospitality expense approved, then you cannot appreciate the bureaucracy involved and levels of approval that are required.

And I’m not really complaining about that; after Adscam, abuses or even the potential perception of an abuse must be prevented. It may be a bit overboard sometimes, but the rules are the rules… at least for some of us.

But I do expect the Office that reports directly to the Prime Minister to abide by the same rules.

Am I asking too much????