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Friday miscellany…

… the “Ah!”, edition.

Saturday is Gun Appreciation Day in the U S of A!

No, this isn’t an Onion article.


Like a million monkeys hammering in a million keyboards, something coherent might eventually pop out. Such is the case with the Ottawa Sun in this article which argues against the forced inoculation of health care workers.

Don’t misunderstand, I get the shot each year, as do my kids. It works. Period. And I’m a real whiny sick guy.

But, unless it is a condition of employment that is clear to the employee before they accept an employment opportunity, demanding them to be immunized after that point is just not right… and a slippery slope.
So Uncle Tony Clement got indignant with a protester back in my old hometown. The Pres of the local NDP association called him out on a couple of things as did a few others at the protest held outside his New Years levee.

One protester asked Clement whether there was any Native consultation regarding Bill C-45. “We consulted Canadians. We had a consultation called a federal election,” Clement answered. “What I find is there’s a lot of misinformation about (Bill) C45. C45 still maintains a respect for the environment-“ “It’s an anti-democratic act-“ Mobbley interjected. “You’re very good at interrupting, aren’t you?” Clement fired back. “If you’re going to interrupt, you’re being very disrespectful, civil discourse is what people in Canada want. If you cannot participate in civil discourse that you don’t deserve to govern.” At that point, voices were raised, one protester demanding Clement stop, “talking to us like we’re children, please!” Apparently fed up, Clement wished the group a “Happy New Year.” Still being interrupted by one protester, he walked up to the man, addressing him face to face. “I’ve got 56 per cent of the vote in the riding sir,” Clement said, then heading back inside the restaurant hosting his levee.

Civil discourse! Of COURSE! And the CPC is such a good role model for civil discourse, isn’t it?

And here is the latest example of the CPC version of civil discourse:

Publicly calling a reporter out for being “controversial” only because said reporter was asking some hard questions about Dean del Mastro’s campaign spending? That’s controversial? That is “doing his JOB”!

OTTAWA — In an unusual, if not unprecedented personal, public attack against a journalist, Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s office has questioned the credibility of one of the two reporters who first broke the story about alleged election spending irregularities by a Conservative MP. Harper’s office issued a statement through embattled Conservative MP Dean Del Mastro’s office Thursday in response to an Ottawa Citizen/Postmedia story published Thursday reporting that RCMP officers had stepped in to help Elections Canada investigate the MP’s 2008 election campaign spending. The PMO’s statement, sent to a newspaper in Del Mastro’s Peterborough, Ont. riding, referred to Postmedia’s Stephen Maher as a “controversial reporter.” The statement read: “It is worth keeping in mind that Postmedia recently retracted a story written by controversial reporter Stephen Maher because it made false claims against a Conservative riding association.” Maher’s story, published in November, was about donations to Conservative party donors in a Montreal riding. It was not retracted but was subject to a clarification under the label ‘For the Record.’ In a confused back-and-forth Thursday, Del Mastro’s office first said that the statement had come from the Prime Minister’s Office, and after initially refusing further comment, the MP later changed his mind. “They’re my statements,” he told the Peterborough Examiner. “I did not write them. I agree with them.” >

Classy. And very civil.


Re: Lance Armstrong. Is it over yet?



This forecast had better change…


…by the time we arrive in P Dot next Tuesday.

That is all.


Here there be old fogies…

… and I shall be one of them.

This weekend, my 8-year-old Princess and I are making the westward trek back to my old home town of Parry Sound, Ontario (population: about 6000).

The occasion? Well, some of my bright-eyed old high school friends looked at the calender and realised that the PSHS classes of 1980 and 1981 (back when there was a grade 12 AND a grade 13, kiddos) were hitting the ripe age of FIFTY (CINQUANTE, cincuenta, LIMA PULUH, 第五十). Yeah. That fifty) this year. So they decided to celebrate this – all collective like!

At last count, there were about 80ish who had confirmed their attendance. That’s pretty damned good. Especially considering that most folks no longer live there and are making a special trip for the occasion. And we are not talking about a big city high school here with a graduating class of 500 or so!

Admittedly, at first, I wasn’t 100% sure that I wanted to attend. After all, it has been over thirty years and many of us drifted apart years ago. What could we have in common that would make for any good convo-fodder? But it dawned on me that many of these classmates were an important part of my life so-many-year-ago. And that it would be right to join in the celebration of our 50th birthdays.

And hey – here’s a truly weird thing… on the same night of the party, Kim Mitchell is playing a show in town! The same Kim Mitchell of Max Webster fame that so many of us sang along with when we were teenagers!


So thanks to all of those who put much time and effort into organising this thing. It is certain to be a blast!



Where can I get a drink around here?

This is a pic of an old water fountain in my old home town. One side for people and the other for horses!

20120706-155109.jpgWhy post this? Well, CBC Ottawa has put together a map showing where Ottawans can find public drinking fountains. Good to know on a hot day in July!




…man, I love this country…
And the Harperites can’t ruin this part of it at least.


Hard to rage against the machine…


… when looking out at a scene like this.


The Parry Island folks I knew woulda been pissed…

Sorry, but having grown up with folks of surnames like Pegahmagabow, Tabobondung, King, Rice, Partridge, Nanibush and others… I think this sorry attempt at a politically correct attempt at being inclusive would be chuckled at.

I don’t pretend to be an expert or even a knowledgeable person when it comes to land claims, treaty rights and all the rest. But I did know quite a few of these folks while growing up in the area and they wanted nothing more than to be respected and given the same opportunities as those of us who lived off the Island.

“I knew that we wouldn’t be involved with the G8,” Tabobondung said in an interview this week at the band office on Parry Island, across a single-lane bridge from Parry Sound.

“But I thought, ‘This is part of our traditional country. Our ancestors are still there – we should celebrate that.’”

The 39-year-old chief says guidance came from his grandmother, Chief Flora Tabobondung, who passed away four years ago at the age of 86. Flora was a legendary figure in Canadian first nations, one of the chiefs chosen to go to England in 1982 when the Constitution was being repatriated, one who fought for aboriginal presence at the constitutional table and who subsequently was named to the Order of Canada for her work.

Flora was the Grandmother of an old friend with whom I went to undergrad. I studied Politics and she, Native Studies. I think Shane is her brother. But the name is widespread across the Island and he may be a cousin.

In any case, Canada’s distant heritage is often an afterthought for the main political parties – as much a bother that has to be attended to than anything else.

But I saw the discrimination, the prejudice and the addiction problems with that part of the population in my hometown.

And it’s too bad that Obama et al are getting an oh-so-sanitized view of a very old story in a part of the world I still call my hometown.


Friday miscellany…

In the news….

More titter-titter about le gaspillage in and around Parry Sound / Muskoka wrt the Gee-Ate pork-a-thon!

Local residents, unaccustomed to such attention, are expecting a massive tourism boom…local entrepreneurs arranging guided tours of the childhood home of Bobby Orr, the Magnetawan haunted bridge, the Rosseau General Store, and, of course, the now famous Orrville gazebo…

A Request for Proposals for the construction of a gilded statue of MP Big Tony Clement is being prepared by local staff…

In the States…

Obama sends BP oil mandarin to his room for a time out…GOP Congressman apologises for apologizing to BP for the “shakedown” by the President.

GOP execs send said Congressman to his room for time out.

In soccer…

Noisy bee sound making plastic things are turning off fans and players alike. Claims by South Africans that these vuvuzelas are a part of their culture is nullified by the fact that plastic horns –  made in China – have no place in the African archaeological record.

Upsets, upsets… Spain attack nullified by strong play by the Swiss in the neutral zone… get it? Neutral zone?

France loses to Mexico and immediately appeals to FIFA for a replay of the match due to an undisclosed injury to Thierry Henry’s hand… which hampered 100% of the the French goal scoring ability…

England must win today to be assured of moving on. South African police on guard for hooligans armed with valazuzas… ear plugs on standby.


Right now, Trashy is thinking about…

  • whether he should take the leap and attend a certain information session tomorrow.. tough call.
  • why, oh why is the forecast for every single Saturday filled with rain? Ain’t right, I tell ya!
  • how much dynamite will it take to open the fault line close to the building where I work? Workers are blasting rock at a construction site and seem to be trying to find out.

CPC drop continues… and so does the Grit inability to capitalise…


Sidewalks, lighthouses and gazebos…

G8 slush fund pays for new sidewalk in Parry Sound… but not to pay the costs of raising the fire hydrant… it’s gonna be tough this winter for that poor hydrant as it will be bashed repeatedly back the sidewalk snowplow!

Here are more pics of how our tax dollars are being spent in Cottage Country.

This is getting to be really embarassing for the ReformCons!

Notice how Harpy is staying out of it and letting “Fat” Tony Clement take the heat?

What a joke! Canada is becoming a laughingstock! And THAT is sad.


Pork barrel politics in Cottage Country

I take a particular interest in the political goings-ons in Parry Sound Muskoka. After all, I grew up there, all of my family (save moi) still call it home and I ran as a candidate there in the ’93 General Election. So I do retain an emotional attachment to the place.

A place that is now represented by Tony Clement at the Federal level… a ReformCon from a time when the party wasn’t even yet birthed.  A key part of Mike “The Monster” Harris’ Common Nonsense Revolution, Big Tony moved over to the Harperite bunch a while back and has had a few plum cabinet appointments.

Seems like Big Tony has become Uncle Tony to many of the riding’s folks as he is handing out big bags of moolah to almost everyone who asks! And all in the name of the G8 Summit due to take place outside of Huntsville, Ontario next year... Huntsville is one of the larger centres in the riding.

Funny thing is that much of the largesse (as noted in the article) is not really targeted toward the Summit at all. The Summit is being used as a convenient excuse to practice some good ol’ pork barrel politics.

Now, you may say, so what? Don’t they all do it?

Well, no. Not to this degree.

Big Tony unseated Grit Andy Mitchell a couple of elections back and before him was the legendary Tory,  Stan Darling. Both were very, very good constituency MPs. Looked after their folks well and found money when needed and warranted. But never was present this flagrant and cynical misuse of the public purse in order to buy votes! Yeah – Parry Sound gets some new infrastructure and street work.  Baysville gets some new washrooms. And many other small communities in the riding will get some cash infusions.

And none of these places will have anything to do with next year’s Summit.

Are the ReformCons worried about their prospects here in the next election?  Probably not – it’s just another example of the Politics of Cynicism.