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Ottawa Schmens

Seriously. Free popcorn. Oh wait, $1 popcorn.

Gotta love the Schmens… But they’re all the same.

“My message to the fans to come out and support the team, you’re going to want to be part of this because this is going to be a great, great team for the coming years if not immediately and you don’t want to be left out in the cold,” Melnyk said at a news conference before the Senators opened training camp Sunday.

“As a die-hard fan, you are part of this organization. I just want you guys back.”

Winning some fans back could prove difficult. Some showed anger or indifference the 113-day lockout, which officially ended Saturday when the players ratified the new CBA.

Some teams around the league are offering incentives to try and bring paying customers back into the arenas, and the Senators are no different.

Among the offerings to the fans is free parking on opening night, free admission to kids 14 years of age and younger in four of the first 10 home games, $1 popcorn and pop in seven of the first 10 games and half price merchandise up until the end of opening night at home.

Whoa. $1 popcorn. Hold me back.

On a related note, I am once again amazed at the attention that Sen fans give to the Leafs in place of commenting on what their own team is up to. It’s the same every year. And just as pitiful.

Give it a rest, Sen Army, or Nation, or whatever. The rest of the NHL gets your Leaf-envy. Let. It. Go.

If I actually gave a crap about the NHL anymore, I’d really try to like the home team. But the fans? I just can’t take them. If there was a poll taken across the country on which NHL team had the most annoying fans… Ottawa would be number one!