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The death of a newspaper

I have never been the biggest fan of the Ottawa Citizen. Ever. Preaching, self-righteous columnists like David Warren turned me off the paper years ago. Their coverage is usually biased, overtly partisan and sometimes poorly written.

However. And it is a big “however”. Those are my opinions, and I am entitled to them. Others think differently and that is how it should be. A healthy democracy needs all opinions to be aired and discussed. Newspapers have traditionally performed that function and usually very well.

That is why losing another newspaper like the Ottawa Citizen is a tragedy. With each passing of an Ottawa Citizen or a Sun or any other paper, a little bit of our democracy is eroded.

There are some talented people named in the Tweet below. I have had the pleasure of meeting Joanne Chianello on a couple of occasions and she and her work is top-shelf. Same goes for Andrew Potter. They are both talented individuals who will land safely somewhere. And I wish them the best.


Maybe it is time for another one of these?

Why is this happening? Like Warren Kinsella, I am not buying all of the B.S. excuses that Godfrey et al are spewing.

What does it mean? Well, it means Paul Godfrey doesn’t give a sweet shit about Canadian journalism, for starters. That much should be clear to everyone, by now. All that he cares about, seems, is fattening the accounts of U.S. hedge funds, and giving himself big bonuses as amazing people like the ones above are shown the door. –


Crazy shit…

…. or as WK calls him – a Kooky Katholic…

Yes. David Warren is at it again!

He is the main reason why I don’t subscribe to the Shitizen anymore. I couldn’t sleep knowing that some of my $$’s were going towards his salary!

And yet again, he is either sickly misinformed or an outright liar…

The separate existence of a Catholic school system is a legacy of the past, under constitutional protection that has been consistently upheld in the courts. Getting rid of it is impossible. But defunding might be politically feasible as a way to obviate that legacy, and force a merger of the two systems in practice.

Note what it would actually involve. The money for Catholic schools comes out of the pockets of Catholics and others who prefer it.

No. That is wrong. School support designations on municipal property assessments have no effect on total school board funding, which is determined solely by enrolment and other documented needs.

Ontario is now the only province that funds the religious schools of the Catholic faith exclusively, a situation that led the United Nations Human Rights Committee to censure Canada for religious discrimination in 1999 and again in 2005.

Of course, David Warren does live in his own little world where angels and faeries are commonplace, so he is likely blissfully unaware of reality.

Or he’s a liar.




I have but one question…

… will the self-righteous, egotistic, fact-distorting, religiosity-spewing, gay-hating, liberal-bashing, blowhard, CPC toady – aka David Warren – lose his job?

If so, I will happily re-subscribe to the 6 day per week edition.




Another reason why I won’t subscribe to the Ottawa Citizen…

How is this news???? Tell me! Please!!!

Seriously? This is People Magazine stuff. Not journalism. Who cares who is dating whom?

Eyebrows were raised at the Gold Medal Plates culinary event in Ottawa on Monday when the prime minister’s former director of communications, Dimitri Soudas, showed up with a surprise date.

Soudas was accompanied by rookie Conservative MP Eve Adams, of Mississauga — Brampton South.

Apparently, the two began dating several weeks ago, well after they both separated from their respective


Gee Glen, what was she wearing? Was Dimitri beaming with joy?

What tripe!


Two reasons why we cancelled our subscription…

…to the Ottawa Citizen.

  1. David Warren. His far-right and Catholic-infused rants pushed my BP into the danger zone on several occasions. Plus, he can’t write his way out of a wet paper bag.
  2. Randall Denley. Unlike the evangelical Warren, Denley can put together a coherent column from time to time. But again, his raging against liberalism and Liberalism was just too much for me to take without a helpin’ heap of Pepto!

But now Denley is running for Tim “I never met a lie I didn’t like” Hudak’s PCs in this fall’s Ontario election.

Maybe someone could recruit Warren to run for them somewhere. I hear the Family Coalition Party might be making a comeback. He’d be a perfect fit!

And if that happens, I’ll consider re-subscribing.


Not good enough to line my green bin!

Every now and again, I am reminded why, a couple of years back, I cancelled my subscription to the Ottawa Citizen.

At the time, I was angry at and tired of the editorial board’s über-Christian, David Warren and his constant rantings about his born-again-ness and how Christians were fighting along the side of Dubya for morality, the free market and the American way… all being interchangeable in the mind of “Father” Warren.

It’s not that I mind a good theological debate. My views on the subject are pretty well-defined and have been honed over the years. I grew up in a decidedly non-Christian household that to a large degree shaped how I think today. Later in my teens, I performed a thorough and critical examination of the world’s major religions to see if I had missed something and that perhaps I could find a path that would enhance my life experience.

Nope – what I found was a good basis upon which to launch many arguments counter to religiosity and for secularism. And I remain of the same mind to this day.

It’s also not that I think that having a system of religious beliefs is a bad thing at all. Indeed, if it gets you though life and its many pitfalls, by all means – believe!

I am reminded of my favourite episode of the West Wing where President Bartlett, after his lifelong assistant and confidante is killed in a car accident, stands in a church wailing in Latin against the absurdity of the death and how a righteous and kind god could ever allow such a tragedy. In the end, though, he finds strength in his beliefs and this helps him through the loss.

However, I digress.

For the past couple of days, including today, the Ottawa Fish Wrapper has been running a series of major pieces on how Christianity is running rampant in the developed and the developing world. It is, according to our very own version of Pravda, responsible for the democratisation of China and that secularists (comme moi) are scrambling lest the god crew sends us back to the Middle Ages.

Speaking only for myself, I have yet to scramble in the face of this onslaught and I yet to hear tell of said scrambling anywhere.

My point is this: The Ottawa Typo-Master is a private enterprise that is free to write as they wish within certain parameters of decency and acceptable behaviour. But they go overboard when openly and unabashedly advancing their extreme evangelical Christian beliefs in the guise of “reporting”. Their flagrant support for the Conservative Reform party is one issue – after all, they are not the only rag to do this – but issues of spirituality and the advancement of one spiritual weltanschunng over another is completely out of order in our diverse, and yes, highly secular country. The other side of an issue as integral to our national fabric should be addressed by a major Canadian newspaper through balanced reporting and addressed not just as an afterthought but in a thorough and fair manner.

So Trashy, you ask, how do you know this if you yourself are not a “faithful” reader of said rag as evidenced by your detailed description of all of this?

Well, truth be told, I buy the Saturday paper for the New York Times crossword – cheaper than buying the New York Times.

But I think I will make the investment.