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National Portrait Gallery

OC Transpo & lubrication

There are, apparently, a few businesses who are getting a wee bit tired of the nonsense!



Bye-bye National Portrait Gallery

And the CPC continues its battle against anything that smells like it has been visiting the “left” side of the tracks…
The latest victim? The National Portrait Gallery is nuked.


Victory for the Gunners!

Arsenal took the first leg of the Champions League tilt against FC Twente.

Goals by Gallas and Adebayor clinched it for the Gunners. And the side looks to become even stronger with these comments from Arsène Wenger that there will be another signing before the second leg.

The victory is very impressive considering the number of players that were sidelined due to injury.


The National Portrait Gallery – video

Paul Dewar’s campaign to locate the Gallery in Ottawa.

Keep national institutions in the Nation’s Capital – and NOT where the Conservatives want it – in the boardroom of an oil company in downtown Calgary!

Please sign the petition at


Harper’s politics of cynicism – National Portrait Gallery

‘What? Are we going to have the RCMP, I don’t know, sponsored by ‘Coke guns’ or something? I mean, these are national institutions.”

Great article in the Hill Times about re-locating the National Portrait Gallery to a berg other than the National Capital.