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Christmas Cacophony Curtailed!

I know where I’ll be shopping from now on when in need of a pharmacy!

Way to go Shoppers Drug Mart! At least one retail outlet realises that not everyone wants to listen to crappy Xmas music 2 months in advance of the date!


Gimme a L!

Hey! I got a letter! Cool! No one ever sends me letters anymore… now, let me see what’s… um… WTF????

Since this is a day that where the word “letter” will be used over and over today, and this week in the PS…

Other songs:

Don’t Read The Letter
E-Bow The Letter
Heaven Is A 4 Letter Word
Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh! (A Letter From Camp)
I Received A Letter
I’m Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter
In A Letter To You
In Your Letter
Last Night’s Letter
Let This Be A Letter (To My Baby)
A Letter From Betty
Letter From Sherry
Letter Full Of Tears
Letter Home
The Letter That Johnny Walker Read
Letter To A John
A Letter To An Angel
A Letter To Dad
A Letter To Elise
A Letter To Lucille
Letter To Memphis
A Letter To Myself
A Letter To The Beatles
The Letter
Love Is A 5-Letter Word
Love Is Just A Four Letter Word
Open Letter (To A Landlord)
An Open Letter To My Teenage Son
Rock And Roll Love Letter
Soldier’s Last Letter
Strawberry Letter 23
Take A Letter Maria
Take A Letter, Miss Gray
Tear-Stained Letter
Teardrops On Your Letter
Write Me A Letter




Concerts of by-gone years

I noticed the other day that Fleetwood Mac was on the road again and belting out such classics as “Go your own way”, “Rhiannon”, and “Dreams”.  Stevie Nicks, while not the sultry songstress she once was, is yet quite admirably holding off the visual effects of aging – and still is pretty hot. She did turn 61 in May!


I saw the band once. Not during their heyday of the late-70’s but later on one of those reunion tours. I think it was in the early 1990’s at Molson Park or Ontario Place; I can’t remember which.

So I got to thinking about some of the great concerts I have had the pleasure of attending over the years.  My parents were pretty permissive with regards to curfews and going to T.O. to hit a concert. I think I first took the bus from Parry Sound to the Big Smoke when I was only 16. [aside to my family – no, I’m not worried about Torii reading this and saying “hey! why not me too!” She NEVER reads this blog!].

So, just because my creative juices aren’t flowing at the normal breakneck speed, and I can’t think of anything more interesting to scribble about, here is a comprehensive listing of the concerts that Trashy has attended –  at least those that I remember.

Maybe you were at one of these?

  • First one – Johnny Cash – with my parents… musta been in the mid ’70’s sometime.
  • First one on my own – Styx and Exhibition Stadium in Toronto. I thought these guys really rocked around the year 1978. I learned better later.
  • Queen – same place in 1980. The world lost a great artist when Mercury died. “Sheer Heart Attack” is still one of the most energising tunes that I have ever had the pleasure of banging my head to!
  • Canada World Music Festival – again at Exhibition Stadium. This was one of those 12 hour long rock and drunk fests that sprung up every now and then. Kinda like my version of Lollapalooza. Pretty good lineup: Edgar Winters, Nazareth, Aerosmith, Ted Nugent, Heart. I’m sure there were more… but I went through the rye hidden in the hollowed out radio pretty fast that day and that’s all I recall.
  • Supertramp – c.1980 – again in T.O. Loved Rudy and the big screen behind the band showing the hands on the bars during “Crime of the Century”. These guys w3re HUGE back then and it was undoubtedly the BEST show I had seen to that point of my life.
  • U2 – Zoo Station tour in T.O. Supertramp was eclipsed by Bono and the boyz. “Mysterious ways” – with Bono dancing with that chick from the audience that every other female in the crowd of 40,000 or so HATED – was the highlight of  the show.
  • Pink Floyd – Division Bell tour in Toronto in 1994. Being a huge Floyd fan, I expected more. The tunes were good and the stage was whacked but I think the crowd ruined it for me. They just weren’t into it.
  • Shift to Ottawa where I saw The Boss for the first time at the LoserDome (oops, I mean ScotiaBank Place). Amazing energy. Sliding across the stage like he had 10W 30ed his ass. Clarence was awesome. THIS ranks as the best evening I have spent watching a show.
  • David Bowie – also an amazing show at the LoserDome. I think this happened in 2003. “Heroes” has always been one of my fave tunes and Bowie did not disappoint. I went to this show with my eldest daughter who, now that she is 16, wouldn’t be caught DEAD at a rock concert with her old man!
  • Oh yeah – I took her to see Avril Lavigne as well… it was, uh, OK.


Hockey Night in Canada theme

Here’s a good candidate for CBC’s HNIC theme contest.

[vodpod id=Groupvideo.1407548&w=425&h=350&fv=wid%3D293%26amp%3Bmid%3D271286]


The song that leads the HNIC contest.. and other stuff

Been a couple of weeks since I have been able to sit before mon clavier and hammer out a few semi-meaningful words. Yours truly has been off work with the munchkins for a couple of weeks and, to put it generously, I just haven’t found the time to do any blogging.

My weeks with the kids have been all at once exhausting and wonderful. I have learned more about my youngest progeny and have thoroughly enjoyed seeing both of them thrive, play and laugh. I do wish I would have been able to spend not just weeks, but months with them. I did so with my eldest and I do believe it had a lasting impression on both of us; tho’ it is tough to see that reflected in her 15 year old mindset.

Well, it is back to the world of work on Wednesday and while I do love my career – it is fulfilling, challenging and within a positive environment – I love my kids more and will no doubt feel some pangs that morning.

Elsewhere in my thoughts have lingered that continuing foul taste of the current government and its dogged pursuit of perfection in the art of cynicism. In talking about Omar Khadr
and the likelihood of the Canadian government getting him out of Gitmo and back home to serve out what ever penalty the American kangaroo court imposes, Stevie called upon the ghosts of Liberals past. In defending his position that there is little option but to go along with the American judicial “process”, Harper said:

“The previous [Liberal] government took a whole range… all of the information into account when they made the decision on how to proceed with the Khadr case several years ago.”

Huh? Whenever the Steveroni invokes the “L” word it is to draw attention to them in a negative way. Now he is referring to that government as a brother-in-arms to support there own stance? Once again, please observe the Master of the Politics of Cynicism!

A not-so-funny detail about Mr. Kadr is that the American captors, in order to “soften him up” for interrogations, would wake him every three hours and move him to different cell; thus depriving him of continuous sleep. Haven’t those Yanks heard of the Geneva Convention? But is it truly torture? The parents of most infants will tell you that 3 hours of uninterrupted sleep is more often than not, as good as it gets!

I’m just kidding. Of course it is torture. The stuff they did to Mr. Kadr. Not the baby stuff.

On a brighter note that is not related to torture (hmmmm….), my baby sister got hitched on the 29th in my home town of Parry Sound. I pretended to be the Emcee for the occasion and managed to not screw things up too badly. My sis was beautiful, the rain held off and I gained a brother-in-law. Tim is a helluva standup guy and Kate had better treat him well. Tim’s uncle, and fellow blogger, Vic did the video for the day and you can see the trailer here.

One last thing. Remember the kerfuffle about the Mothercorp losing the HNIC theme? Remember they were going to hold a contest to come up with a new one? Well, here is my vote as it completely symbolizes what hockey “means”! Ya just gotta love this screwed-up country sometimes!