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Ottawa City Council candidates worth voting for!

I have already endorsed some of these candidates in past posts, but being that it is only a few days till E Day, I thought I’d go over some of them again.

Jean Cloutier will be a fine representative for Alta Vista on Council. Jean and I have worked together at the Canterbury Community Association for about 4 years. He and the rest of the Board has made this particular volunteer experience a positive one. He is extremely hard-working and he knows our community inside and out. Other candidates in the Ward have run good, strong and clean campaigns, notably Clinton Cowan and Hussein Mahmoud. I thank them for sticking their necks out there. Running for a political office is a very humbling experience but they have stood up for their community and should be thanked.

But Jean has demonstrated that he is a leader. He has taken the reins in the community and has guided good policies, initiatives and programs. He has set an example in the community through his leadership and have inspired others (like yours truly) to do likewise. I look forward to working with him in his new capacity as City Councillor.

Riley Brockington is a colleague and a former OCDSB Trustee who gave me lots of advice and motivation when I ran for OCDSB Trustee in 2010. He knows his community well and was a leader on the Board. His involvement on the Board speaks well to his ability to build bridges. Anyone who knows anything about the School Board knows that a variety of personalities and agendas are at work around that table, and he knows how to make them speak as one voice. He will do likewise at the Council table.  He will serve well in River Ward.

In Somerset Ward, Martin Canning is your best choice. He is the former City Environmental Advisory Committee Chair and has been involved deeply in his community and the City in a myriad of ways.  He is running a uniquely enviro and community-focussed campaign in Somerset. Martin is well-grounded and will work hard for the people of the Ward. He has a great team and he’s also a top shelf guy. If you’re in the candidate-rich Somerset Ward, You can’t go wrong by ticking the box beside his name.

I’d also like to nod my head to Donna Blackburn, who is running for re-election as OCDSB Trustee in Zone 3, Barrhaven-Knoxdale Merivale. Because my own Trustee in Zone 6 was more or less invisible for the past several years, I have turned to Trustees like Donna, (or John Shea or Mark Fisher) when I have had Board-related questions. She clearly cares and works hard for the schools in her Zone. I wish she was running in my Zone!

Plus, I wish Jim Marshall, all the best in his quest for a seat at the Council table in my old home town of Parry Sound. He is a man who exemplifies integrity and hard work… The folks in P Dot will be well-served.


As O-Town doesn’t really have a Mayoral race to speak of…

… this political junkie has to find another one to follow and enjoy.

And Toronto, the land of the crack-smoking, loud, obnoxious, and the tacky champion of all Torontonians with a sub 75 IQ, is the place to watch. Especially now that Olivia Chow is resigning her seat in the House to run against that slobbering and poor excuse to a human being (and John Tory too… but he’s a different type of a poor excuse for a human being), this race is going to get interesting fast! And there are still 7 months to go before the vote.

In Laschinger and Kinsella, Chow has a strong team; and she’s going to need it. This is NOT going to be a walk in the park. I’ve seen various estimates indicating that the size of FurdNashun is worth about 20-25% at the ballot box. The danger here is that Chow and Tory split the anti-Furd vote and the crackhead comes up the middle.

It would be interesting to see if any of FurdNashun will flip to Tory instead… doubt it, though.

Stay tuned, this is gonna be a helluva ride!


Composting, tunnels and Mayors…


Small government and who-gives-a-crap-about-the-environment (often they go hand in paw) folks in Ottawa are all a-steaming about the roll out of the new curbside composting program which is being launched this week.

The complaints are as varied as there are pebbles on a beach. It costs too much. Composting isn’t effective. Why weren’t we consulted. I already have a compost bin in my backyard, so this is a waste of taxpayer dollars…

  • Costs too much – at about 77 bucks per household, the start-up costs are far less than what is currently paid for recycling – which is far less beneficial, environmentally, than composting. Much of the operating costs of the program will be offset by compost sales. And program costs should fall slightly as time goes on and more see the program’s benefit by diverting from landfill what can be 40-50% of a household’s waste, by weight.
  • Isn’t effective. Not only can a household divert much of the waste they generate from disposal, but there is a bigger impact from an environmental perspective. Less energy is required to transform organic materials into something useful – most of the work is done by micro-organisms. Dry material recycling takes energy to bind paper into bundles, crush cans and to sort our all of the materials. Composting works.
  • Why weren’t we consulted? Um, you were.
  • I already have a bin. This is a bit trickier. Yes, perhaps the City should have gone door to door asking residents if they already had a bin that they used. But the problem with this approach is that people move and the compost bin should stay with the dwelling. If I told the City in advance that I already composted, didn’t receive a bin, then sold my house to someone who didn’t want to backyard compost, then the new resident may be SOL… but still, yeah, the City might have been wise to do some advance scouting.

Bottom line is that composting – including curbside pick-up – is the best way to divert waste from landfill, aside from not generating it in the first place. And when landfill tipping fees increase dramatically over the next decade, Ottawa will look back at this initiative and say “Hey! we did something right! How about that!”


Big surprise. Some are saying that the proposed tunnel under the Ottawa city core will run into cost overruns and engineering difficulties. And all this way before a single shovel has hit the pavement.

Well, duh! Of course there will be cost overruns and other problems! Can anyone honestly point me to a major engineering project that has NOT run into these glitches? Hell no!

Carry on – even though I’ll be dead and buried before I see this thing running!


Alex Cullen is the first candidate to declare his intention to run for the honour of being the Mayor of Ottawa.

According to the Shitizen, he promises to raise taxes, oppose Lansdowne Live, support a downtown transit tunnel, and stop the flow of sewage into the Ottawa River.

Run on raising taxes? Hell ya! Nice to see some honestly! Much of the infrastructure in this City is quickly deteriorating due to mayorlarry’s unrealistic promises to not raise taxes. Check out some of the ramps off the 174, the potholes downtown and the sad state of many of the City’s facilities

I especially like this quote:

Cullen criticized his expected opponent, O’Brien, as a “weak mayor” and said that O’Brien’s recent vow — to pre-emptively lock out O.C. Transpo workers if faced with the possibility of another winter strike — was “amazing, astonishing, and absolutely repugnant.”

Yeah, and mayorlarry himself  is amazing, astonishing, and absolutely repugnant!

Bring on the ballot boxes!