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I tell my kids that “hate” is not a nice word…

… but I am finding it increasingly difficult to avoid that word when thinking Harper’s ReformCons.

Hey, I knew and we all knew that Stevie positively DESPISES the Public Service, but not even the most bitter among us could have imagined the levels to which he would stoop. But you have to remember that he has this misguided idea in his head that the PS is rife with Liberals and Socialists – and this is his revenge.

He is THAT petty. And it is certainly not the behaviour that we should see in a leader. Not even the leader of a Scout troop, never mind a country!

The pettiness is also a function of his largely so-con caucus, most of whom are either from the redneck West or the bumpkin demographic of rural Canada. And they want red meat to feed to their sheep-like supporters.

The big question I have is: what do they think they can cut? The PS has been gutted over the past six years and there really isn’t anywhere else to slash and burn. I know this to be true.

In the meantime, they carry on with their almost comical celebrations of a 200 year war between two foreign nations.

And look! Gazebo Tony is in charge!






Tim Thomas, that is. What a complete moron. Typical Bruin.

C’mon. even given my political leanings, I sure as hell wouldn’t decline the honour of a visit to the White House – even during Dubya’s tenure… doncha love dogmatism?


A piece of dung…

… has more sense than Don Cherry.

And it likely smells better too.

I have already expressed my opinion on the fool, so I don’t need to repeat myself (too much). But his latest tirade supporting hockey violence and calling out those who oppose it is yet another example of the degree to which this moron has outlived his best before date.

And it us also an example of how spineless the MotherCorp execs truly are. By not censuring what Cherry said on HNIC regarding hockey violence, enforcers, mental illness and substance abuse, they have shown themselves to be as big a fool as the guy in the tasteless attire.

I am a CBC supporter most of the time, but in this matter I am disgusted.

Wake up spineless ones! Get rid of this self aggrandizing buffoon!