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E Day à Montréal!

Thinking of my bro-in-law this afternoon as the polls close in about 5 hours across Quebec.

It’s municipal election time and Steve Shanahan will make a GREAT city Councillor! As well, Mélanie Joly will make an awesome Mayor!

What a nice change from old white guys that will be.

My wife just left Ottawa to join Steve and the team for what will sure-to-be a VICTORY party tonight. I wish I could be there with them but (sigh) have an early morning meeting that I couldn’t get out of….

Bonne chance!!!


Did Quebec separate overnight?

Nope. Just looked out the bus window and the Gatineau Hills are still there.

I guess Marois’ scheme to pry her province from the RoC using bars and pulleys didn’t succeed.

Anyone in O Dot feel the quake last night? Happened around midnight and was centred around Montreal.


In know I said that I would avoid posting things political…

… during my vacation. But I had to comment on this.

Quebec nationalists want the Habs to be more “French”. Gimme a break. Why don’t you look at the standings and figure out a way to win a few more games!

Look, I hate the Habs just as much as the next guy, but I do feel a little sorry for the majority of the fans who think that this whole Anglo-speaking coach thing is a bunch of merde

What this does tell me is that the nationalists are getting desperate and are looking for press wherever they can find it…


Following up on Quebec’s infrastructure debacle…

… is this article in The Star on how these problems should serve as warning signs for the rest of the country.

The city’s roadway problems are perhaps the most extreme example of what the Federation of Canadian Municipalities calls a $123 billion shortfall in municipal infrastructure spending across the country.

“It’s like a cancer in a human being: if you catch it in time, it will be okay, but if you don’t it will spread,” said Saeed Mirza, a professor emeritus of civil engineering at McGill University.

“What I would like to say to the government is: if you cannot maintain it, do not build it.”

True words. If we to avoid the Quebec problems, our pols at all levels must come to terms with the fact that significant investments are needed. Now.


Quebec or Bosnia : who has safer public infrastructure?

Honestly, after reading this, I think I’d take Bosnia over one of the Montreal bridges, overpasses or tunnels…

What a shame. And disgrace.

But look y’all, before we in the RoC start feeling all smug-like, start looking at the condition of some of the streets etc. in your neck of the woods. Many of us are not that far behind QC, infrastructure crisis-wise…

Big bills coming up… just saying…–large-concrete-slab-collapses-in-montreal-tunnel?bn=1


U2 vid – the opening number

Shaky vid taken with my iPhone… but that was due to the stands which were shaking and swaying through the whole show! T’was a bit unnerving but once things kicked in, you kind of forgot about it.


U2 in Montreal!

What. A. Show.

If you have never had the opportunity to see Bono and the boys, find the time…

80,000 folks in Montreal last night would have enthusiastically agreed with me!



Gotta gloat…

… about seeing the greatest band in the world over the past 20 years or so – U2!!!!

Yup! Heading to the Hippodrome in Montréal this Saturday to see Bono and the boyz… Been a long time since I took in one of their gigs… last saw them on the 1992 Zoo TV tour in T.O.

Too long… my eldest wasn’t even born yet.

Why do I dig U2? Sooooo many reasons…

  • The way that The Edge massages riffs outta his axe
  • The silky strength of Bono’s voice
  • How all of their tunes have stood the test of time

Gonna be a great Saturday night!


From the weird news department…

A Montréal man died today while parasailing in the downtown part of the city.

There are, apparently, no by-laws preventing someone from tying one end of a cord to a car and the other to a parasail. But Montréal police urge people to use common sense.

Of course, this IS Montréal. And I can sorta picture my brother-in-law doing something like this!

I wonder if, on my way home tonight,  I’ll be seeing daredevils bungee jumping from the Peace Tower… maybe motorcrossers on Albert Street?



Trashy on the road – part one

Locale: Trudeau Int’l Airport Air Canada Lounge – thanks Bruce!

Doing: Sipping a JW Black on ice. Just finished a coupla bowls of soup and a salad. I forgot to eat lunch.

Weather: Same as Ottawa…


Other less CAPS-on thoughts:

  • I miss the little ones. And C and T-two-i’s too.
  • remember to get an unbreakable gift for Addy
  • I wonder how long it will take to cab from CDG to the hotel
  • I wonder if the hotel will let me check in early
  • Oh shit – they’re playing a clip on the TV about that Air France aircraft. Not what I want to hear.

Next entry – Parlis.