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Friday miscellany….

picture edition….

Apologies to any vegetarians out there… (naw, not really...)

IN THE BEGINNING, there was bacon…


There is an interesting poll in the Montréal Gazette this morning:


On this day… Canadian football and American football parted ways…

1912 – In the U.S., professional football set some new rules. The field was shortened to 100 yards, touchdowns were to be worth six points instead of five, four downs would be allowed instead of three, and the kickoff was moved from midfield to the 40-yard line.



But then, so were Jason Kenney, Pierre Polievre, Vic Toews, Tony Clement and John Baird… Gee, I don’t feel so smart any more…

But then, as someone pointed out to me on Facebook:

Think of it this way. They were the fastest in ‘their own races’. In their case its like saying you were the fastest and won Monty Python’s silly olympics or upper class twit of the year… there are degrees in victory..

Well put, Patrick!


Catholic schools just cannot fathom the idea of Gay and Lesbian clubs within their walls…

And some of us cannot fathom the idea of a publically-funded Catholic school system!

A good comment was written on this article:

Correction of Ontario’s problem of discriminatory school funding is hindered by 3 misconceptions:

1. That only Catholics pay for Catholic schools (as is deceivingly implied by our property tax forms)
2. That it is “political suicide” for any politician to even speak of the matter
3. That no money would be saved by reducing the number of overlapping Boards

Re: #1, All tax dollars go into a common pot and are doled out to the various Boards on a per-student basis. Tax dollars are not tagged as “Catholic” or “Hindu” and then steered accordingly. Too many Ontarians still don’t realize this, making this the single biggest obstacle to righting this wrong.

Re: #2, We can be sure this is not the case. No political party has EVER dared to say that public monies should be used only for public schools, so how can we say that the electorate would reject such a proposal? In fact, the most conservative estimates of public opinion indicate that well over half (and as much as 80%) of Ontarians support one unified public school system, free of religious discrimination.

Re: #3, Modest estimates put the savings in duplication costs at something over 1 billion dollars PER YEAR. How many new hospitals is that? EVERY YEAR. That’s One thousand million dollars a year spent on building a wall to separate Catholic kids from non-Catholic kids.


I blogged earlier about Sun “News”, Jason Keeney and the moronic idea of having some staffers stand in for new Canadians at a fake citizenship ceremony.


Pretty much says it………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

Finally, I like this…


CPC pays homage to yet another anachronism…

… by putting “Royal” back in the names of the Navy and the Air Force.

Loving anachronisms – it’s the CPC way…

This move is just plain bone-headed on so many levels! Even some Cons that I know are scratching their heads a bit over this one! Some traditionalists are saying: “Hooray! We’re going back to the days before that mean PM Trudeau combined the Forces together!”. To them I say – welcome to the 21st century! Here is a calendar!

Look, I don’t pretend to know what those in the Forces think about this. But I don’t “get” why adding “Royal” in front of the “Canadian Air Force” and the “Navy” would matter one way or the other to them. Aren’t they more concerned about having up-to-date equipment in the field and fair pensions and health care in their post-military years?

Just sayin’…

Hey! Maybe under King Harper we can be the once again the sacrificial lambs that we once were for the British Empire. Doesn’t anyone remember World War I? Or Dieppe?

What’s next? Here are some ideas.

  • Regressive Cons rename Ontario Upper Canada

  • Ottawa is removed as the National Capital. Instead, an on-line contest is held – sponsored by Tim Horton’s. Canmore, Alberta wins.

  • God Save the Queen replaces O Canada.

  • The Red Ensign returns
  • Dollar is replaced by pounds, shillings and pence

  • Public servants have to take an Oath of Loyalty to the Queen… oh wait – we already do that….



The cost of maintaining a charade

I have commented a couple of times about Canada’s attachment to the archaic institution that is the monarchy of the United Kingdom.

The Ottawa Citizen says that:

Canadians pay about $50 million a year — about $1.53 per person — to maintain the monarchy, a figure on a par with the $1.43 we pay for the National Gallery of Canada, and significantly less that the $2.45 each shells out to keep the Senate warm.

Robert Finch, the Dominion chairman of the Monarchist League of Canada, argues that the monarchy brings political stability to Canada.

“It’s an institution that has given us a good system of government for generations and also provides us a symbolic sense of unity. That national unity and political stability that comes with it should be reason enough alone to want to maintain it.”

Finch points to last year’s parliamentary stalemate — when the Governor General agreed to Prime Minister Harper’s request to prorogue Parliament rather than allow a coalition of Liberals, New Democrats and Bloc Québécois govern.

“Having that non-partisan head of state in the Queen, represented by the Governor General, was kind of like a neutral referee,” he says. “That’s the perfect textbook example of a monarchy working. The system stood the test.”

Finch calls this figure “peanuts” and “a drop in the bucket.”

“I’m a tax-paying citizen as well,” he says, “and we always begrudge spending money, but $50 million is not a lot.

It is often misleading to break down large expenditures to a per capita number. It is used primarily to either control for population – like what you see in solid waste stats, for instance, or to diminish the importance of a given number.

But I don’t know about you, but $50 million is not exactly “peanuts”, as the Monarchist League fellow claims. Figgering $200 K a unit, that money would set up 250 low-income houses. It would set up thousands of Canadian kids with hockey equipment. It would feed thousands of hungry families for a year.

The list goes on.

Finch crows with pleasure while stating that last year’s parliamentary crisis was a perfect example of the usefulness of the monarchy.

Poppycock! Any duly elected parliamentary president could have served the same function. And at a far lower cost than the 50 mill that the monarchy is costing us! In any case, having an appointed representative of a foreign monarch making critical, nation-changing decisions spits in the face of democracy.

Charles and the royal consort have met with some opposition during their visit here over the past couple of weeks.  And while I despise the Bloq and the separatists with every thread of my soul, their anti-monarchist statements ring true…. though I’m disgusted by the egg throwing and general rowdiness.

Maybe we Canucks will someday cut this cord to a bygone time. But I doubt it will happen in my lifetime. In the meantime:

Long Live the Republic of Canada!