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The mayorlarry rap


Maybe Lil Wayne can do this when he gets outta the hoosegow!

Constipation caused by the realization
Of a bogus Zero-Means-Zero affirmation
The promise broken became a transformation
Of run-away tax hikes exceeding inflation
Or the single-source fornication
Of giving away Lansdowne – no consultation
Or the bribing an opponent into temptation
Of inducements outside of regulations
Urban transit halted by the cessation
Of fair collective bargaining in spite of protestations
With Light Rail’s termination. It’s not our imagination
O’Brien is an abomination
Credit to a commenter named tickattack on the YouTube vid!


The Ottawa Mayoralty campaign just got a wee bit nasty…

I suspect pols and wanna-be pols will be using the social media – and YouTube – a whole heckuva lot in the run-up to this fall’s Ontario municipal elections…

As for this vid, no one really believes that Jim Watson’s folks were behind this… do they?


mayorlarry… Will he or won’t he?


Yup, he’s running… it’s official.

In an election where there isn’t a single burning issue, the campaign will likely come down to a question of leadership, and leadership is personal.

“I hope it is about leadership because leadership is about getting things done,” O’Brien said. “If you want milquetoast and calmness and the chief of protocol, then you know who you can vote for.”

Yeah – I’d hate the Mayor to be calm… rather have him or her running around in a panic… that would get things done.

Municipal election season is underway.


So Ottawa Mayor is holding a press conference today to announce his intention that he will fight for his Chains of Office again in this fall’s municipal elections.

I think I have been clear about where I stand with this guy… not really his biggest fan in spite of the fact that he is a fellow BBC adherent.

But I hope he runs! I’d never vote for him – haven’t decided yet who I will support as Mayor of Bytown – but he makes GREAT blog fodder! Between him and that nitwit at the head of the ATU, I have penned some of my fave posts!

Go Larry!

Oh, I’ll be attending the BOLO event at Irene’s next week. Come on out for an evening of laughter and good times!


Larry, Larry, Larry…

Am I surprised to hear that there are some questions around mayorlarry’s company, Calian Technologies; the one on which he still serves as a member of the Board of Directors.

According to the MotherCorp:

Calian Technologies has seen the value of its contracts with the City of Ottawa skyrocket since the company’s founder was elected mayor in 2006.

Mayor Larry O’Brien still sits on the board of directors for Calian, which supplies technology staff to governments and corporations.

According to City of Ottawa records, the company received $1,837,175 in city contracts for technology staff in 2008 — up more than 10-fold from $167,250 in 2006.

Yes, he does declare a conflict whenever an issue comes up around the Council table that might involve his company, but c’mon, this is just a symbolic gesture. I remember that during my time as a municipal councillor, there were several times when I or one of my fellow Councillors would declare a conflict and leave the room during discussions. Great, but that would not have stopped any one of us from being involved in the discussions in an informal, off-the-record manner. I don’t think any of us ever did anything untoward, but the opportunity was certainly there.

Will mayorlarry be brought under some scrutiny for this – yes, probably. But will he lose his job before his term is up or be subject to a criminal investigation? No way. As was seen during the Kilrea trial, mayorlarry has many resources and knows many folks in this burg. And this will discourage anyone from launching anything serious.

We’re stuck with this joker for a while longer. I can only hope that the voters of this town remember this. And the Kilrea thing. And the transit strike. Etc.

CRIME Mayor Trial 20090805


mayorlarry acquitted

Of course he was found not guilty… was there ever any doubt?

I’m not a lawyer but it sure seemed to me that the prosecution had a weak case to begin with and did not do enough to compensate for it.

Guilty or not, did mayorlarry do it? Probably. But one thing is for sure, his chances of being re-elected in 2010 is likely next to nil.