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Lucien Bouchard

Mulroney’s legacy…

…is, well, shot. If he had any chance of regaining some of the respect he once had, its gone now with Oliphant’s findings.

Some bloggers and the MSM are saying “big whoop”. So he has been “inappropriate“. Wow. We tell our kids that when they use a swear word or pull their pants down in public, not when a former PM accepts envelopes stuffed with cash from a shady character who is now doing legacy will be that of a lying and possibly criminal PM – and little else.

Fair ’nuff, but for BM, who put reputation and respect above most other traits, this is damning.

And, while I am NOT coming to his defense, one positive thing that I must point out is that, for all his shortcomings, BM the PM was our “greenest” leader ever. His Green Plan legitimised environmental debate in this country… moving it from the fringes to the corridors of power. And no other government has done a fraction of what those other Progressive Conservatives like BM or Lucien Bouchard did back in the 1980’s.

Thanks for that, Brian!


No big surprise

although the CBC has it wrong – the ReformCons have a slight lead because the gap is outside the margin of error.

Why no big surprise? Well, look at the calender, dummy! It’s the dead of winter! Folks down east are dealing with another dumping of the white stuff. Separatist Quebecois folks are all aghast at Lucien Bouchard’s latest remarks. Ontarians are worried that they’re going to get hit with a huge winter storm cuz it has been such a tame winter so far. And everyone to the west of Ontario is too busy skiing or watching the Olympics.

Wait till spring and then we’ll see if either party can take a step or two forward…

Remind me again why the Grits and the Dippers aren’t talking about merging???