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Justin Trudeau

This week’s CPC attack ads – EXCLUSIVE!!!

With the polls saying that the Harperites are in real trouble in many previously “safe” ridings, Canadians can expect to see and hear a whole new suite of anti-Trudeau ads over the final days of this looooooonnnnggggg campaign.

My operative – let’s call him or her “The CPC War Room’s pizza delivery guy’s barber’s aunt” snuck these tidbits out to me in a used X-large pizza box still smelling of olives and dripping with bacon grease…

  • “Justin Trudeau – as Prime Minister he will cut income-splitting to fund injection sites in brothels”!
  • “Justin Trudeau – he like babies and he likes to eat pizza – he will FORCE FEED YOUR BABIES PIZZA!”
  • “Justin Trudeau – he want to put toll booths on Tim Horton drive-thrus to fund his ‘free-pot-for-schoolkids’ Program!
  • “Justin Trudeau – he will appoint an ISIS terrorist as  the Minister of National Defense!”
  • “Justin Trudeau – he almost drowned once when he was a kid. He was way over his head!”
  • “Justin Trudeau – as a drama teacher, he sold pot to kids on field trips to local brothels while reciting lines from Hamlet!”
  • “Justin Trudeau – his Dad was named Pierre. Which is French for “stone”. Which makes “just not ready” Justine a stoner who wants to inject drugs into your pizzas!

The only question is whether they will run out of days before ad ideas…


Canada West Foundation…

… endorses Trudeau’s Senate move…

<sound of Trashy passing out on the floor>

Some “first” here:

  • First time the words “west” “endorses” “Trudeau” have even been seen in the same sentence
  • First time The Canada West Foundation has endorsed anything connected to the Senate – except its abolition
  • Upon seeing this headline, the first time JT has been at a loss for words



Memo from the PMO to straws…

Dear Straws: we are grasping at you.
Sincerely, Steve


“These latest allegations are troubling. Our Government does not condone illegal drug use, especially by elected officials while in office, including Justin Trudeau. We’ll continue to work with all levels of government on shared priorities, such as jobs and economic growth. That includes working with mayors and city councils, including the Mayor of Toronto and Toronto City Council,” MacDonald, Mr. Harper’s top spokesman, said in the statement.”


Seriously? You found a way to compare the actions of the Horror of Hogtown to JT?

Guess the staffers have checked out the polling on three of the four by elections and have seen that it ain’t looking too good.

Fear, Desperation,
thou hast shown many faces
so rage against all


JT smoked pot

Wow. Stop the presses!

Big freaking deal.

So Steve thinks that the honest admission of Justin T that he smoked some weed a few years ago is enough of a reason to declare the leader of the LPC as unfit to be PM.

Yet, according to Mr. Harper, a PM who:

– appoints crooks and liars to the Senate
– prorogues Parliament THREE times for no good reason but to avoid being questioned in the House about questionable CPC activities
– wanted to spy on Canadians’ online activities without a legal warrant
– continues to pour millions into bogus Economic inAction Plan advertising
– has taken Canada from a surplus to a deficit budgetary position in a very short time
– is vilified internationally because of his position on the environment
– grossly mismanaged an important military procurement file
– slashes services to Afghanistan vets as they come back form active duty
– etc, etc ad nauseum

is QUITE fit to be PM…

Um, OK.

Stephen Harper. He’s clearly not up to the job.


Yeah, yeah…

… I KNOW that the only poll that matters is the one held on E Day, but for Libs like me, this is encouraging:

The latest Nanos tracking numbers reveal that national support for the Liberal Party is at 35.4%, just ahead of the Conservatives at 31.3%. Liberal support has been slowly increasing since the last federal election, but has not seen similar numbers since 2009. Ballot support for the NDP is currently at 23.6%, while the Bloc and the Greens have 4.8% and 4.2%, respectively.

And it must be a little worrying for those 25 year old staffers at the PMO… watch for the ReformCon attack machine to rev it up a notch against JT.

Any bets that this little dance will somehow be twisted into a negative ad?



“Justin Trudeau. Dancing with hot wife while thinking of ways to waste your tax dollars.”

Well, I prefer that to Mr. Roboto:


“Have a good day young Mr. Harper.”


So. My conservative friends…

… ex PC PM Brian Mulroney…

I guess he was a real asshole, eh? A lefty pig?

Never agreed with everything BM the PM said or did, but I do respect the guy… especially in the context of the über partisan Harperites.

So how about it, Cons? Are ya gonna demonise one of Canada’s better PM’s? one of your own?

So hypocritical. So crass. So ugly. So CPC.


Liberal leadership race – Joyce Murray for PM

As much as I’d like to believe that Joyce Murray can pull off an upset and win the LPC leadership, I cannot realistically expect this to happen. Trudeau has the momentum, the money and the supporters. And the hair.


Joyce has the policy knowledge. She knows the files. We don’t know if JT knows the files. J’en doute.

She has the guts to stand up to the hyper partisan portion of the party to say : let’s put our differences with the NDP aside for one election and cooperate in order to defeat the Cons. Then we reform the electoral system with something that will more accurately represent the intentions on Canadians.

She recognizes that splitting the centre / left of centre vote election after election will only assure a CPC government… Election after election.

She also sees the value of environmental sustainability and policies aimed to ensure that biodiversity, our water supplies and our food supplies are protected.

She also knows that Canada’s place on the international stage has been severely tarnished by the Harperites, and she will work to put us back in a place where we are once again respected.

And she also knows that the war on marijuana is one that should have never been waged and the time has come to legalize its use and remove the criminal element from this industry.

I Just voted for Joyce Murray, the best candidate to represent the interests of Canadian progressives and the LPC!

And I hope my vote helps to elect her.


What does the most successful Premier in Ontario’s history…

… do for an encore?

I, like everyone, was shocked by the premier’s resignation yesterday.

So, what’s next for my MPP? Is he going to throw his hat into the federal ring in an effort to lead the LPC?

I for one, and as a Liberal, hope so. I think he would make a great leader.

But even if Trudeau (or someone lese – though that is unlikely now) came out from the scrum with the ball, a race between JT and Mr. McGuinty would be the best thing to happen to the party in a very, very long time. No coronation but a TRUE leadership race that would capture the attention of all Canadians from coast to coast.There could ba true debate with the Leader’s seat at stake.

I would dearly love to see that!

Then again, maybe Dalton is simply sick of it all. Despite his detractors, he is a really nice guy and a great rep for his constituency in Ottawa South. His staff are always helpful and his roots in the ‘hood are deep. Maybe he has figured out that his family is more important than his role as the leader of the LPO or of the LPC.

And I cannot fault him if that is the way he feels.

But he should run because even if he lost, the party and progressives would win.

And we’d have a shot at unseating King Steve from his throne at 24 Sussex.



Friday miscellany…

The War of 1812, WHO THE HELL CARES, edition!

Will someone PLEASE tell the war-lovin’ CPC that a $30 million investment to “celebrate a war that happened 200 years ago and didn’t even involved anyone named a “Canadian” is NOT a good use of public money???



The Harperites have decided to cut all non-Christian prison chaplains.

Why did they stop there? Qualified psychologists and other true professionals would do a far better job inside the walls than some smarmy priest!


So Obama didn’t seem to be on top of his game the other night and Romney had an exceptional debate. Big deal. What percentage of American viewers can we say actually swung their vote to Romney’s side because of the debate?

0.02% perhaps?

Yeah. Big deal. Though some disagree.

No matter. Even if Obama lose more than sliver of support, he’ll regain it over the coming weeks and STILL win about 40 states.


Yup. This is me.


Justin Trudeau watch… nope, it sure as hell cannot hurt to have a pic taken with an amazing woman like Hazel!


But is there substance?

Cuz Justin The T sure as hell has the sizzle.

His speech yesterday was what many of we progressives were waiting for. It was honest, open and positive. I really cannot picture The Robot or Mr. Angry saying those words because absent were the vindictive hateful diatribe.  Can you even picture either of those guys giving a speech of that length (or any length) without dissing the other parties and their leaders???

No way.

Good speech. Safe speech. I liked the positivity.

The best thing about JT entering the fray is that people will start to talk about the Liberals again – and in a good way. It’s already happening.

Now, do I support him? I would like to but am reserving judgement. Dude has the sizzle but does he have the substance? I can’t wait to see his first hour-long interview with a top-notch journo who will ask him about fiscal policy, monetary policy, international relations, etc. I will, of course, vote for him. But my level of engagement (e.g., whether I donate, volunteer, etc.) will depend largely on how he defines himself in terms of substance.