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Legitimizing myths and superstitions…

…And I have a Loblaws bag with the remains of a Leprechaun contained therein. Really! I do!

An Israeli antiquities dealer has been acquitted of forging relics, including the contentious James ossuary — the casket said to have held the remains of the brother of Jesus.

A judge acquitted Oded Golan of the most serious fraud charges in Jerusalem on Wednesday, saying the prosecution had failed to prove without a reasonable doubt that the artifacts in question were forged or that Golan (or an accomplice) was behind it.

A comment on the story that is linked in the text below.

Dateline somewhere near London Bridge… Remains of Little Pig’s Brick House have been identified among the ruins of the London Blitz. Historians agree that the masonry was not entirely wolf-proof, but, given the shreds of fur still clinging to the chimney, the house was deemed authentic and solidifies the Brick House in the history of London Suburban life. Grimms experts have weighed in, pulling beards and insisting that there can no longer be any doubt about the existence of the Three Littles and the B.B. Wolf. Grimmsiologists maintain that this ends all dispute about the veracity of their collected wisdom.

Good Grief.

People. Really.


Using FB and Twitter…

…seems to be becoming popular as direct lines to an omnipotent, omnipresent being. And I’m getting quite bored with it all.

Specifically, I’ve had quite enough of Facebook updates, Twitter tweets that go something like this:

“I know 99% of my friends won’t re-post this, but please do if you believe that prayers work / Jesus loves me / God is great”, etc.

Just saying…

Yeah, I’m an atheist, but seriously, do Christians really believe that Jesus has a Facebook account? That he tweets? The Almighty is LinkedIn?


Oh well, I know that these posts won’t go away. I could just give up social media altogether if it bothers me that much, eh?