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Isn’t it ironic?

Like I blogged about yesterday, Sarah Palin is getting dragged through the mud a wee bit about her statement in Calgary that her family hustled across the border to Whitehorse to receive medical treatment.

No mention of this over at Fox “News”, though… now THAT’S a surprise!

But what is most amazing about her interview was that she used the word “ironic” in a correct way! You betcha, Sarah!


Goodbye to a real classy guy – and one that is not-so-much-a-classy-guy

Bye Doc. we’ll miss ya!

Hope you get the ring that you deserve – my new fave NL team is Philly!


Bye Orel. Glad to see the last of you!

Hope you enter your next life as a female baby in a fundamentalist Islamic family in Afghanistan who gets pregnant at 14 years of age.

Or a gnat on a rat.

OK – the latter would be cooler.


Sigh – just another pinko, left-wing, fringe group

After Harpie’s behind-the-scenes rant at the meeting of his faithful lapdogs a couple weeks ago, a few interesting posts have been published, funny editorials have been penned and I’ve had a good belly laugh or two re-watching the vid.

And now,  a FB group has been set up in support of that fringe of fringe groups. Those radicals that care about nothing aside from their silly and far-out agendas… like childcare and health care, for example.

Those freaky, commie lefties called…. WOMEN!


If you’re on FB, join the group. Hell, even though I’m of the testosterone variety, even I joined and may buy a T-shirt when they come available!

I hear T-shirts are coming soon!

I hear T-shirts are coming soon!