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Why not to vote for Harper… Part 4

Now that I’m back in the country, I thought it time to continue the “Don’t Vote For Harper” series…

Here is an exchange I had on the Facebook site entitled Anyone But Harper:

After a series of valid postings about the dangers that another Harperite government would pose, a Mr. Stephen Green writes –

Please please please…anyone but Harper. He’s got a hidden agenda…I know it, I heard it from Jack Layton! He’s going to gave us more tax dollars back and not hammer us with a carbon tax – how un-Canadian! And he has integrity, following through on his promises to lower the Small business tax rate AND cut the GST! How “un-prime ministerial” ; at least in comparison to what the Liberals have shown us. Come on folks, give our PM a little respect. Let’s not be uninformed on the issues and bow to fear mongering!

To which I responded:

Stephen: You either have not done your research or you are a ReformCon Party member.
Integrity does not mean breaking your own fixed election law.
Integrity does not mean running a government like a flavour of the month club.
Integrity does not mean appointing a non-elected Cabinet Member after railing for years about democratic reform.
Integrity does not mean launching a slew of demeaning attack ads in place of constructive policy proposals.
Integrity does not mean demeaning the same province that you represent (Jim F. has done this a few times.
Integrity does not mean telling members of a First Nation band to stay sober if they want to meet the Minister.
I could go on but my fingers are getting tired.
Stevo does NOT deserve my respect and neither does the bulk of his party (though I do have a great deal of respect for Jim Prentice and Peter McCay).
So, Mr. Green, you should really think about what you’re posting if you want to make a sensible contribution to a constructive debate.

I think that this is the biggest tell-tale feature of the Harper government. They have preached integrity and transparency but have practiced just the opposite.

‘Nuff said for the moment.