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Upon hearing…

that the CPC Government has dropped its infamous “Kijiji Job Vacancy Index”, I almost choked on my orange…

Amazing how these guys think they can get away with nonsense like this and then retreats once their lunacy is exposed.

What’s next? Perhaps a Google Earth count of fish stocks? An Instagram assessment of the tourism trade? Using Angry Birds to estimate recreation time usage?



I’m thinking about setting up…


… a separate photo blog. I’ve become much more interested in iPhone photography lately using Instagram and would like to have a platform to post them to. I have tried Flikr but haven’t been impressed so maybe a blog is the way to go.

Upside is that I’d have a more focussed site and would feel freer to post all the pics I wanted. The downside would be that I wouldn’t post anything that could identify anyone. No faces. Especially those of my family. I can and do control access to family photos on Instagram and Facebook, but it is more difficult to do so on a blog unless I want to make it password protected.

Gotta give this some more thought.