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Watching the Rogers cable debate…

… On the Ottawa Orleans race…

And man, Andrew Lister? The PC candidate? He’s as rude, dogmatic and boorish as his colleagues.

And why does he keep grabbing his fingers? Is it his thing?


This guy fits in with the Hudak and Matt Young model of incompetence.


Ottawa South 2014 – John Fraser deserves the MPP gig

Predicting election results is a mug’s game. Any prediction of a result outside one’s own riding relies on an analysis of someone else’s polling results. And these have been, um, a wee bit unreliable lately. Do YOU see a Wildrose government in Alberta?


So I’m sticking to my riding for now – Ottawa South. I have lived there for the past 11 years and have a pretty good feel for the community and where it leans politically. At least I think I do.

So party by party*, here we go.


Gotta love them. Especially on the single school system file. The candidate in the riding, Matt Lakatos-Hayward, seems like a nice guy. The fact that I likely have socks that are older than him shouldn’t matter, but it does. And of all of the parties, I have to admit that I’m attracted to their platform more than any of the others. It is innovative and has evolved into something credible.

Too bad about the not having a chance in hell stuff. Maybe one day…


Lots of angry NDP supporters out there, eh? Horwath brought down the Liberal government on the Budget – a budget that most Dippers supported. Now they have the distinct possibility of a worse-case scenario being realised: a Hudak government.

Result? Most but the hardline New Democrats will either stay at home or switch to the Liberals strategically to defeat the Hudak candidate, Steve Carrell Matt Young.

The candidate is Bronwyn Funciello, who wants (as she said at the all-candidates meeting) to provide the same type of community oriented service to voters in Ottawa South as she has to the area as a OCDSB Trustee.

Which translates as “sketchy” and “next to none”. Improving on this is what motivated me to run for Trustee opposite her in the least election and why I have not yet 100% ruled out running again.

And, oh – the NDP in the riding? They have just slightly less of chance in hell as the Greens of having a victory party on Thursday night.


I deal with MPPs and MPs and their offices from time to time and I have tried imagining what it would be like dealing with Matt Young MPP. I take off my partisan hat, forget about Tim Hudak and picture what it would be like approaching Mr. Young for:

– some help with funding a day care facility for at-risk families

– assistance in helping my Parent Council to access monies for a new playstructure in our yard to replace one that was torn down by the Board

– ideas to better connect with the community through outreach events

– partnerships with the City to improve local facilities like parks and community centres

And you know what? I picture a smirk, a handshake and a see-ya-later.

Extreme conservatives like Matt Young and his boss are all about the bottom line. Nothing matters more. I’ve known and worked with guys like these in various capacities over my adult life and I have always found them with a single-minded purpose – $$$.

If Mr. Young is elected – and even worse, as part of a PC government – the next few years will be very difficult for we who call ourselves “community activists”.  And hard for those who rely on an MPP with a sympathetic ear.

Another, and important reason why I could not support Mr. Young is his lack of street creds. His lack of involvement in our communities. I had never seen him at a community function, before the by-election. Never on a Board of some community group. Never reaching out and offering help at a community event. Nada. Nothing.

He just appeared out of nowhere. No one I know had ever even HEARD of the guy.

Is someone like THAT worth supporting??


I want to make a few points clear, here.

Yes, I am a Liberal – but not a card-carrying one as I am federally.

And yes, a main reason why I do not carry a card or donate to the party is thanks to their stance on school system reform – specifically, merging the Catholic and public boards. And yes, I resent them for this wrong and discriminatory position.

Yes, of course, the allegations about the gas plants bug the hell out of me. But they are still allegations, people! No matter what the PC and the Dippers would have you believe. Funny how Hudak’s conservative buds on the Hill can get away with being the most corrupt government in Canada’s history but colour them red and white and the Ontario Cons are all over them like a Doberman in a sausage factory!

Yes, I think the Budget that spelled the demise for the Wynne Government was just fine, thank-you. And their estimates with regard to when deficit spending would end were pretty realistic, in my quite-well-informed-and-educated opinion.

Yes, I think that Wynne is a fine Premier

But the main reason I support John Fraser in Ottawa South is because of the great work he has done here for his community.

If you are not involved in your community, as I am, you likely don’t see the work that your local MPP, MP or City Councillor does on a daily basis. Being a politician is the most thankless of thankless jobs around. But people like John carry on and do whatever they can to facilitate problem-solving, offer advice and connect the right people to the right people to arrive at solutions for the community.

John has done this as MPP and did this while his former boss was the Premier. When you’re the Premier, you have to hand the constituency work over to a trusted senior staff person. And John was that person.

I can deal with John and his office. I can’t imagine that with Matt Young.

And I certainly cannot imagine dealing with a Hudak government.

Vote Liberal in Ottawa South. Mr. Fraser has earned it.

*sorry to the Communists and the other smaller parties…


Do Con vehicles have amnesty…

…wrt the Highway Traffic Act?

Cuz that’s how it looked to me in my ‘hood this aft.

A Mr. Matt Young van was thinking itself Ferrari-worthy on a F1 circuit… yet it was a residential street in Ottawa.

When I yelled at the Hudakians to slow the f*** down, I got the finger. Yeah, the middle one.

Stay classy, Matt and Timmie, stay classy.


How does the “Harper-Hudak Conservatives” sound, Timmie?

Or maybe the “Harris-Hudak Conservatives”, hmmm?

In desperation, Hudak and his merry men have taken to referring to the OLP as the “McGuinty-Wynne Liberals”.

I for one find this consistent with the make-believe world that the OPC seems to have found comfort in. Dalton and Kathleen are joined at the hip. They are as one. They are…. ONE MILLION JOBS… no, no… ONE BILLION JOBS!

That’s the world of the OPC… full of sound, fury and hyperbole… but signifying nothing (sorry Will…).

My take on hyphenated names is that they are best left to couples who want to show that they care enough to add the partner’s name to their own – and vice-versa. I’m pretty sure Dalton and Kathleen don’t have that kind of relationship. Maybe Tim likes to play make-believe with that image… I dunno. Make-believe land can be a weird place sometimes.

But you keep on truckin’, there, Tim-man! This is great blog content fodder!



Well, there ya go.

Got a call from school that my 7 year old son wasn’t feeling great. So now we’re home and it’s an early weekend

I thought it was a touch of something, or maybe something he ate, but he just told me that he heard there was going to be an Ontario election and that Tim Hudak could become Premier.

Yeah. I’m a bit ill thinking of that too.



2014 is the Chinese year of the horse. Does this mean I should blow a bundle at the track?

I don’t often “recycle” posts. Yes, I am lazy, but what’s the point of a blog if you just re-post old stuff?

But I thought that I’d dig up last years “Resolutions” post to see how I made out and to add any new stuff. Turns out it was a bit (OK, a lot) of a gag post, but no matter.


Resolutions for 2013 2014!!!…

… Before I have a second glass of Pinot Noir…

– not be as critical of our Dear Leader and encourage all my friends to cut he and his Cabinet some slack. They’re trying really darned hard

12 months later – hmmm… kind of a #fail on this one. But who can blame me! What with the whole Duffy/Wright thing, the ongoing del Mastro thing, the demonization of JT and the killer weed thing,… lotsa things, eh?

– not ridicule Tea Baggers and their ilk who are found south of the border. They think differently from me, but that’s OK.

Well, it’s NOT OK. They are as worthy of ridicule and disdain in 2014 as they were in 2013. Carry on.

– accept that religious arm-flappers may have a point. Hey! What do I know! Maybe there is a big bearded dude in the sky and some old guy with a big boat gathered up all the animals in a storm (except for the unicorns)

#Fail on this one too. I still don’t understand why the unicorns would have been left behind. And the dinosaurs? Why doesn’t anyone think of the DINOSAURS??? There’s a 99,9% probability that I will exit 2014 as I entered it – as an atheist. And if I’m wrong, may St. Unicorn strike Ezra Levant dead…

– understand that guns have a place the 21st century America. And perhaps we in Canada should have one of those Second Amendment things

I’m not making light of this one. After Newtown, this proud and happy father cannot simply swipe this away with a pithy remark. I don’t “get” the NRA. I don’t “get” gun rights advocates who, in spite of the evidence, continue to insist that killing devices like automatic weapons have a place in American communities. Maybe I need to be an American to understand, but from what I see, there are lots of Americans who don’t “get” it either.

Here is the link to a Slate post with some VERY sobering stats.

Wake up, America. You are killing your children.

– add Tim Hudak as a friend on Facebook

LOL! LMAO! ROTFL! Did I REALLY write that?????

But hey! Timmy is best defense that the Grits and Dippers have at Queen’s park to ensure that there will not be a OPC government in 2014!!

– and Rob Ford too

Man. I don’t know where to start with this one. I really don’t. So I’ll just leave it.

– swear off red wine, beer and single malt scotch forever

From a health perspective, this would have been a good idea… maybe this year… nawwwwww…

– give up meat

From a health perspective, this would have been a good idea… maybe this year… nawwwwww…



It’s JANUARY 1 and not APRIL 1!


Happy New Year!

THREE additions for 2014!

Alrighty, then…

And I’m dead serious with these ones…

– I’m going to get fit next year. I really am. I gave up smoking almost ten years ago, so surely I can change my semi-sedentary lifestyle, eat a bit better, etc. I’m 51 now and need to take this shit more seriously… else, I may one day not be around to write resolutions for the following year…

– I’m going to spend more time thinking about my direction in life in general. Overall (except for the fitness thing), I’m a pretty happy guy. But do I want to be doing 5 years hence what I am doing today? I dunno. Maybe a change in workplace would be wise. Maybe not.
Should I run for Trustee again? I don’t know. I do want to get back into local politics, but I’m not sure I want to spend a couple of months canvassing only to lose again due to low turnout and the incumbent’s name recognition advantage. However, I am still very disappointed with her complete lack of engagement with her community. I’ll need to decide on this fairly soon..

– I will continue to work my ass off to be a good husband, father and member of the community. It’s not always easy, but it is most definitely worth the effort.

May 2014 be filled with health, happiness and peace for you and those you care about.


Friday miscellany…

So the Grits will name their new leader next April. Let the games begin!

The smart money is on JT, but I hear there is an experienced fellow from Sherbrooke who is looking for work…


Sinkholes: one of the results of ignoring municipal infrastructure deficits and obsessing with property tax cuts.

Expect more sinkholes, more water main ruptures and more incidents of storm water overflow at waste water treatment plants. In fact, bank on it.

In the meantime, follow the sinkhole on Twitter! It’s a laugh a minute! @174Sinkhole:


Oratorical skills is one area where modern Canadian pols cannot match their American counterparts. Name a contemporary Canadian politician that comes close to Clinton and Obama (either of them). These are speakers for whom I have immeasurable respect when they are on stage practicing their art. I have been speaking in front of audiences since I was 11 years old, so I can say with some experience that their skills are unparalleled and require years to master.

Too bad that modern political parties put more emphasis on blurting a sound-bite rather than expressing a cogent argument.



What Stephen Harper said:

“Stephen Harper will cease patronage appointments to the Senate. Only candidates elected by the people will be named to the Upper House.” (Stephen Harper Leadership Website, January 15, 2004)

“… the Upper House remains a dumping ground for the favoured cronies of the Prime Minister.” (Stephen Harper Leadership Website, January 15, 2004)

“I don’t plan to appoint senators; that’s not my intention.”
(Stephen Harper, Cornwall Standard-Freeholder, January 14, 2006)

What he did:

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has appointed five new senators, bolstering the Tory majority in the upper chamber.

He is sending Diane Bellemare, Tobias C. Enverga Jr., Thanh Hai Ngo, Thomas Johnson McInnis and Paul E. McIntyre to the Senate.


I wonder if the good folks in K-W appreciate being told that their votes were “bought” by organized labour?

Probably not.

Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak is blaming what he calls “an ominous display of union muscle” for losing the Kitchener-Waterloo seat his party has held for 22 years.

The Tories lost both by-elections as the Liberals held Vaughan and the New Democrats made an historic breakthrough in Kitchener-Waterloo, winning the riding for the first time ever.

Mr. Hudak says the NDP bused in public sector union “troops” from across the province to help them take the riding from the Conservatives, and claims the unions “bought” the by-election.He predicts there will be “an arms race” between the Liberals and NDP to see who can get closest to the public sector union bosses.

Timmy strikes again!

I kinda hope, though, that the OPC keeps this doofus on as their leader. He is the biggest asset the Ontario Libs and Dippers have these days!


Two by-elections in…

… Ontar-i-ar-i-o today.

The Premier is doing his damnedest to get his majority government… but, as I read it, he won’t get it. At least not now.

Vaughn is a no-brainer. The LPO has a strong candidate and the Hudakites have a has-been. Liberal win.

But in the Ontario home of Oktoberfest, the Libs will be crying in their steins. The Dippers have made a concerted effort to win K-W and they might just pull it off. McGuinty’s strategy of coaxing Liz Witmer (who I have great respect for) away from her seat… well, it didn’t work.

What is clear is that the OPC will come out empty-handed.

Could this be the final nail in Timmy’s leadership coffin?

One can only hope. The sooner that buffoon is off the stage, the better.


Ontario PCs…

… give the Liberals another election victory!

Great news that the PC’s walking-talking campaign disaster has been given the nod to continue to “lead” the party... probably into another election!

Awesome! That is just about the best present that the Liberals could hope to receive! They get to trounce Hudak ONE MORE TIME…



Friday miscellany… dumbasses & the Ottawa Sun…

Woo hoo! Stevo has been denied that so-called trifecta that he dreamed about! The most laughable thing about this is that it was likely one of his fishing buddies, Rob Ford, that tilted this one into McGuinty’s column.

But crap, 49.2% turnout? That is very disappointing.

Oh, and stay classy, Ottawa Sun:


LEAFS WIN! LEAFS WIN! Lord Stanley, here we come!


If you’re on Twitter and in the Ottawa area, follow @ccaaltavista to stay informed about happenings in the Canterbury Area and events hosted by the Canterbury Community Association!


Lots has been written over the past few days about the passing of Steve Jobs and I think that most of what needed to be said is already out there. So I’ll just say one word: