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house of commons

New use for the House of Commons…

… considering that, thanks to Stevo, it’s pretty much useless as a place of debate these days…

There ya go Mayor Watson! Centrally located. Great access to transit!

h/t to @ugottabekiddin for the inspiration!





Trashy goes to Parliament!

For a political junkie like me, last night was one of those “special” times of my life.

Courtesy of an invite by an ex-NDP MP through a colleague of my spouse, I had the distinct privilege of dining in the Parliamentary restaurant and having a pretty damned cool private tour afterward.

I would love to post pics, but our host asked us to promise to NOT post any pics in the social media world – lest he lose his privileges as an ex-Parliamentarian… and I respect that…

So here is a non-pictorial summary:

  • Dined in the restaurant… wasn’t allowed to take any photos at all here. The setting was awesome but the food was, well, not so much. We were told that the restaurant is kicking into summertime shutdown mode because as soon as the House rises, the restaurant closes up shop.
  • Stood at the podium in the Press Gallery. Ranted for a sec, à la John Baird…
  • Went to the restored Library – that place always blows me away.
  • Hung around the House for a while. Sat in The Robots seat (the Universe is somewhat out of kilter this morning because of that), the Speaker’s chair, Bob Rae’s seat, Jack Layton’s chair… and the Bloc… they are but a wee piece of the floor space after May 2!
  • Stood on the floor of the Senate.
  • Toured the old PCO office – where the Constitution was kept and guarded when it was repatriated.
  • Saw John A’s old office… strange vibes there
  • Went through the infamous tunnels from Centre Block to East Block

Quite a night, indeed. And thanks to all who arranged it!


Wish you were here – and I wish I knew who to credit…

…but thanks to L-girl over at We Move to Canada for pointing this out.