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PETA, the Greyhound bus tragedy, & the most tasteless ad I have ever seen

This is one of the most heinous, tasteless and self-serving ads I have ever seen.

The little respect I had for PETA in the first place has completely vanished. I never have liked their methods and preachy holier-than-thou attitude, but this is waaaay beyond that.

Some bloggers as well as those who are commenting on this elsewhere are up in arms over this and rightfully so.

How dare PETA use this horrific tragedy to push forward their own agenda?

One of the commenters on the CBC article put it best by saying:

I am against the inhumane slaughter of animals, and support many organizations which try to put a stop to it.

But PETA is so far over the line here that it has undermined whatever credibility it had left.


Ugh indeed. And shame on you PETA.


Reactions to the Greyhound bus horror

Some of the reactions following the horrific incident in Manitoba are worrying and predictable.

Since I blogged about this the other day, I have am seeing posters on blogs and The Mothercorp advocating better security on buses like this fellow did:

” It’s about time that airport security is used on other forms of commercial travel – like trains, and buses. Yes it’s going to cost money, but how much is your life worth?”

As well, there are the predictable calls for the return to capital punishment.

These are knee-jerk reactions that accomplish little but raise the paranoia levels and blood pressures of the readers.

This isn’t a bus safety concern. Greyhounds pick people up in the middle of nowhere. It’s a rural bus stop system as well. How could you screen everyone who boards public transit?? Perhaps if we really do want to descend into a truly Orwellian state where personal security trumps freedom – not to mention common sense – then by all means, descend to your heart’s content.



Greyhound bus killing

Dear reader:

After 45 years, there isn’t a whole lot that shocks me anymore. Seen a lot. Read a lot. Heard a lot.

I know that there are some things that happen that defy explanation.

But this is surreal and I am most definitely shocked.

Makes me wonder what has to “unclick” in one’s mind to commit such an atrocity. Was he high on something? Was he a bomb waiting to go off? Did he just have a bad few days? The media will latch on to a reason for this and run with it. Maybe he was abused as a child. Maybe he was off his meds. Maybe he was recently released from an institution. Whatever “reason” is put forth cannot explain such actions.

I am not a spiritual man by any definition and I don’t believe in the existence of a god or of a guiding force. And related to this is my lack of acceptance of the notion of good or evil.

Dunblane, Columbine, Paul Bernardo. Now this.

I may have to rethink the whole “evil” angle.