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Saturday miscellany…

Hee…. hee… still laughing about Obama’s win... love seeing freakazoids like the Tea Baggers lose!


Remembrance Day is tomorrow. Give some thought to soldiers old and young and how war has ruined and changed so many lives. They have earned at the very least our respect not only on November 11, but every day.

Too bad the CPC doesn’t agree.

========================================================================================================================================================Hockey lockout continues... and I think some fans will turn away for good. I might be one of them… billionaires arguing with millionaires. And it’s the concession staff, ticket takers, sports bar staff, etc., who suffer the greatest.

And they make neither billions nor millions.



World War Z. I might just take this flick in!


I’ve been battling a bastard of a cold for almost two weeks! Hacking, coughing, not getting enough sleep… I blame Jason Kenney.


Interesting, this whole Chief-spook thing... the head of the CIA resigns after being caught putting something where it shouldn’t have been put…

At first, I was surprised about the resignation. Men and women cheat on their spouses all the time, but don’t have to give up their jobs. After some thought, I then realised that the affair could be fodder for blackmail by the bad guys and the affair, hence, becomes a security risk. Does that sound reasonable? I also heard that he is an ex-General, and adultery is a fire-able offense for senior officers. And even though he is not active, he may have felt honour-bound to fall upon the sword.

Don’t agree with what he did, but how he handled it what amazingly classy, and, yeah, honourable.


 Finally, much cyber-ink has been spilled about Harpo sending his private limo across the world to India to ensure his protection while there.

NEW DELHI, INDIA Prime Minister Stephen Harper is travelling in India using at least two armoured vehicles flown in from Canada, an extraordinary measure that suggests the prime minister is facing heightened security threats during his extended visit here.

And as many as 70 Canadian security personnel — a bigger than usual contingent — has traveled to India to ensure the prime minister’s protection, according to a source.

Guess what?

I *gulp* agree with this.

Look. Like it or not, Steve is a foreign leader in an non-secure environment. He needs to be safe. This was the right move. If I were the PM, I would have done likewise.

Man, it gives me cramps when I agree with the Prime Robot.

I need a drink.


I’m writing this in the stands at my son’s skating practice. Wow, has he ever improved! And he adamantly refuses to do the ” Chicken Dance” as requested by the teachers. Atta boy!!!
At this rate, he doesn’t have far to go before he betters his old man!


Last, the diet. Dropped 18 lbs. BP consistently around 118/78. Feel good except for that motherf***er of a cold.

And its not really that hard to go lo Na.

I’ll cheat. Not the CIA version, but my birthday is approaching and we are spending next weekend at Chateau Montebello. I’ll not care about the salt content for one night.

I’ve done did good.

Have a great week!



Yes, there are wackos on the left as well as the right, but…

… those on the right sure as hell seem to be coming out of the woodwork more often these days.

We in Canada have the pride of Saskatchewan, Conservative MP Maurice Vellacott who thinks that rewarding and praising women who are clearly part of the lunatic fringe and even more clearly, convicted criminal.

And meanwhile, in Illinois, batshit-crazy GOP Senate candidate, Richard Mourdock believes it is “God’s will” if a pregnancy results as a result of a rape!

Wow. That’s all I can say.



If the GOP and The Chair…

… do the next to impossible and beat President Obama, I will be curious to see the US to Canada emigration data about 12 months later.

I wonder if the Harperites have thought of this? Millions of Democrats and other progressives trying to escape an emerging theocracy… should they be granted political asylum? How about refugee status?

Food for thought.

But I still think Obama will kick ass.


Progressives do NOT advocate violence against those with whom they disagree.

The right does.

This is just plain sick.

Sure, we laugh at Harper and his minions. We made fun of Dubya and laugh at the religious right.

But I dare anyone to show me a recent case where a non-neocon has openly advocated violence – and the death of someone on the “other side”.

And don’t rhyme off Mao or Castro.

I disagree with the policies of the Harperites and the GOP, but I would never, NEVER wish any of them harm.

This is from the USA blog,

I know, I know! We liberals are just soooooo sensitive and we’re little crybabies! I mean, it’s not like we didn’t make fun of good ol’ Dubya while he was in office destroying the country or anything, right? Why are we always complaining every time there’s a picture of the President of the United States being killed or compared to a monkey? Can’t we take a joke?

Well, no, we can’t. Why? Because it’s not really a joke, is it? The savages on the right have advocated violence against liberals for years because nothing says “Ha-ha!” like insinuating that we deserve to die. That’s hilarious! First, it’s jokes about how killing liberals would be fun, then “jokes” about secession, then threats of “Second Amendment remedies,” then actual threats about secession and claims that liberals are going to start a war ANY second now. After that, we end up with another Oklahoma City bombing that leaves 19 kids dead. Yeah, it’s all fun and games until the shrapnel starts to fly.

What’s worse is that this is strictly a right-wing phenomenon. No matter how badly Fox News wants to convince its viewers that liberals are terrorists, it’s just not there. There are no liberals calling for conservatives to leave the country. That’s Republicans. There are no liberals calling for concentration camps. That’s the religious right. There are no liberals calling for a new Civil War. That’s the right-wing.

This is sick. And not the good “sick”.

How low can ya go?


GOP follies – what fun to watch!

Almost fell off my chair reading this over my morning coffee…

Missouri Congressman Todd Akin, a conservative Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate, sparked a furor and earned a rebuke from Mitt Romney’s campaign after saying in an interview broadcast Sunday that women’s bodies can prevent pregnancies in “a legitimate rape” and that conception is rare in such cases.

Mr. Akin, a six-term congressman running against incumbent Democrat Sen. Claire McCaskill, was asked in an interview on St. Louis television station KTVI if he would support abortions for women who have been raped.

“It seems to me first of all, from what I understand from doctors, that’s really rare,” Mr. Akin said. “If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down,” Mr. Akin said of a rape victim’s chances of becoming pregnant.

Huh? A female body can do what??? What doctors has this moron been speaking with? Doctors of Divinity? Doctors of Death Stars???

Wow. Just. Wow.

Staying with the Republican Party theme, how about that new running mate for Mitt Romney? Surely he isn’t like that hillbilly from Missouri? Surely Romney has not made the same mistake as that last GOP Presidential candidate and chosen someone who is all style but whose substance only goes about 2 mm deep!

Like this gal:

On Sunday, the New York Times had this to say about the esteemed Paul Ryan:

Howard Fineman wrote in The Huffington Post that “Ryan turns out, upon closer inspection, not to be a purifying ideologue, but rather a young, power-hungry, ladder-climbing trimmer.” The self-styled deficit cutter backed W.’s deficit-exploding agenda, and the tut-tutting critic of the Obama stimulus grabbed for the president’s stimulus money.

Neocons and Tea Partyers, however, continued to rhapsodize. Grover Norquist told Bloomberg’s Al Hunt that Ryan would be the Dick Cheney of economic and tax policy. And that’s a compliment.

The comparison is apt. Ryan looks like a bonus Romney son, as Dan Quayle did with Bush senior. Republicans find the tableau of two rich white guys — same shirts, different generations — comforting. With W. and Cheney, the usual order switched and the vice-presidential candidate played the role of surrogate dad.

OK. Lesson not taken…

It will be interesting to see how President Obama approaches his second term in office.


Yup, Obama will win a second term…

….because Rick Perry is a slow, slow, drunk train wreck

“Commerce, Education, and the, uh, what’s the third one?” Perry said as he pointed to his head while trying to recall the third federal agency he rails against every day on the stump.

When Romney helpfully offered, “The EPA,” the Texas governor glanced over thankfully before coming to his senses, waving off his rival, and attempting to move on.

Yet co-moderator John Harwood, a veteran of The Wall Street Journal who now works for both The New York Times and CNBC, seized the moment and would not let it pass so quickly.

“Seriously? Is EPA the one you were talking about?” he asked.

Perry replied, “No sir, no sir,” again seeming to wish the moment would end.

“You can’t name the third one?” Harwood again said.

Perry, now seeming to see his political life flashing before his eyes, replied, “The third agency of government I would do away with (pause), the Education, the, uh, Commerce, and, let’s see (pause), I can’t. The third one, I can’t. Sorry.”

Then, “Oops.”

Michele Bachmann is a moron:

Some of her gaffes — such as mixing up actor John Wayne with serial killer John Wayne Gacy on the day she entered the campaign in June — are only groaners, but others – such as saying a vaccine against a sexually transmitted disease caused mental retardation — are campaign-damaging, the Los Angeles Times reported Sunday.

During a campaign swing in Iowa recently, the Minnesota congresswoman, citing a report she said she heard, stated that 59,000 undocumented immigrants entered the United States “from Yemen, from Syria. These are nations that are state sponsors of terror.”

The State Department says Yemen is not a state sponsor of terrorism, and the Border Patrol report Bachmann referenced said only 663 of the 59,000 apprehended illegal immigrants from nations other than Mexico had ties to countries that have links to terrorism, the Times reported.

And the über-Christian right will never vote for Romney because he’s a, uh, Mormon and not near conservative “enough”.(?)

Ron Paul? Meh. He’ll run as a third party candidate in the end…


So, barring any major mistakes by the President, I am predicting clear sailing right through to a second term, no?



End of the week miscellany

Looks like the congressional elections in the States this fall might prove to be interesting.

With the rise of the über-right-wing-nut Tea Party whack jobs, the GOP nominations are facing ideological splits, and this may harm them mightily at the polls.

It encourages me to see that there is still some sanity within the ranks of the Republicans.


Question – Why doesn’t McDonald’s sell hotdogs? It seems like it would be a no-brainer.


Here at home, Harpy seems to be trying to dare the Opposition into forcing an election through a non-confidence vote over the detainee documents issue.

While the robot was initially all “sure, whatever the Speaker has ruled is something we’ll live with”, he has now backpedalled…

Initially, Harper said he “looks forward to complying” with the ruling, adding that he’ll consider any reasonable suggestion that will give MP’s access to the documents while protecting national security.

But he later said that the government may prevent the release of all of the requested documents.

He also said that the other parties can have a vote of non-confidence on the matter, possibly sending Canadians to the polls.

No big surprise, though.  The politics of cynicism is Harper’s specialty and if he senses a bullying and polarization opportunity, then he will go for the jugular. Don’t take the bait, dudes of the Opposition… it is exactly what the Harperites want!


Question: If you had an envelope that someone told you contained the date of your death, would you open it?


This is interesting.

Bilingualism in Canada’s Public Service has long been a sticking point for unilingual folks.  Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to be bilingual to get a job in the PS, but you do have to learn your second language if you want to advance up the food chain.

The latest debate is about whether new Supreme Court Justices should be bilingual.

Bill C-232, a private-members bill, would require that any future Supreme Court justice “understands French and English without the assistance of an interpreter.” It passed the House of Commons last March, with the opposition MPs uniting against Conservative MPs, and is now being considered by the Senate.

As long as we have the English/French duality in this country, we will have debates like these. But as long as Canada is n officially bilingual country, we need to require those in charge of the ship of state to be capable of communicating in both of the founding languages.

Yet, like we can see with the language requirements in the PS, many very well-qualified people would be automatically excluded from the bench of the highest court in the land because they cannot conjugate an irregular French verb. And that to me is a pity. Only 7 per cent of Anglophones outside Quebec speak both official languages, and most of those live close to the Quebec border, meaning that if you are a highly qualified judge who is from somewhere west of the Ottawa valley, your chances of being a Supreme Court Justice are slim unless you are one of the rare ones who speaks both languages.

The fear in this matter is that there is always a danger that language will trump everything – including ability – and that while we may appoint a judge qui peut dire «il faut que je sois bilingue», they may not necessarily be the best person for the job. Me, while I do support the requirement that senior members of the PS and those who interact with the public on a daily basis need to have level of proficiency in both languages, I don’t think the argument that “a unilingual English judge has only limited access to the large body of legal commentary and scholarship written in French” is strong enough.

But that’s just me.


Question: How do you handcuff a one-armed man?


Finally, here’s hoping the Habs make a quick exit from the playoffs! If there is one thing more annoying than Sen fans, it’s a fan of les glorieux (moi, je préfere les pathetiques…)