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gary bettman sucks

There would be no talk of…

… an NHL lock-out if the egotistic bonehead Bettman didn’t insist on keeping teams in non-viable markets – (the bankrupt Phoenix Coyotes and crippled New York Islanders come to mind)


He is scum.

And both the owners and players are scum for letting this happen. Again.

There will be fans who, this time, won’t return.

Thanks, Gary.


Make it seven! Or ten!

So Bettman and his merry band of jokers at the NHL head office are now suggesting that another team in Canada ain’t such a bad idea after all – just not in Hamilton like that uber-evil Jim Basillie wants. Maybe Winnipeg but more likely to another desert hot hockey hotbed, like Vegas! Bettman is really that full of himself and relocating one of the loser American teams would be a direct slap in the face and repudiate what he has tried to do since becoming the Commish.

This has definitely become personal if it wasn’t so already.

This is driving Canadian fans crazy! Why not move to a city that will actually support their team!? Hamilton, Winnipeg, Qu├ębec City, Halifax?????? Hellloooooo!!????

Kansas City? Been there, done that.

Vegas? ????? Have they even HEARD of hockey there?

We all know the reason why a Canadian city has not had a chance in Hell in acquiring a team – and his first name is Gary. But that may change…

Thanks Jim Basillie for setting up the campaign to “make it seven”. It could just as easily be “make it ten” because hockey is Canada and Canada is hockey. Take the teams outta those places that do not deserve them and are not supported by their communities and bring ’em home where they’ll be loved!

Bye-bye Phoenix, Atlanta, Tampa Bay and Columbus!

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