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Fox news

Maybe I’m wrong, and there really IS a God!

At least, this news is tantamount to divine intervention in my books!!!

Fox News North does NOT have to be offered on basic cable… a victory for those Canadians everywhere with IQs higher than the length of Pierre Polievre’s nose, in centimetres.


From the Twitterverse…

Best Tweet of the day:

joebyer 6:13pm via Flipboard

Expecting Fox to report on the death of “cyclist Neil Armstrong” any minute now.
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Friday miscellany

So the Harperites are spending a cool $6.5 million to brag about how they have been the tax warriors extraordinaireI say that is a blatant use of public funds to promote the ReformCon agenda!

But what’s that you say? You know that this ol’ Trashman is anti-Harper anyways and will grasp at anything to put down his initiatives. Show me, you say, someone who should be more Harper friendly. Like these guys for instance, they must think that this $6.6 mill is money well spent, right?

“It’s hard not to see this as anything but government electioneering at taxpayer expense,” said Canadian Taxpayers’ Federation president Kevin Gaudet.

Meanwhile, the greater economic value of the very tax cuts that are featured in the ads – which the government describes as tax expenditures – is being questioned in a new report from the C.D. Howe Institute.

Oh, um, OK. Even the very group that Harper used to lead sees this as a waste of tax dollars… and even the value of the cuts themselves are being questioned by a right-wing think tank.

Geez… who needs enemies???

Meanwhile, over at Fox “News”:


Repeat after me: Egypt is in AFRICA!

Good post over at Gordo’s blog about how TV used to be before the days of INCESSANT ADS DURING A SHOW OR SPORT!

Ahem. Sorry for the CAPS… but it does bug the crap out of me when I’m watching football and right at the snap, a little bell goes off and there is an ad for Cialis or Volkswagen at the bottom of the screen… speaking of VW, have you seen this?


The deadline for applications for membership on City Advisory Committees and Boards is at 4:30 today, so if you are interested… get your buns in gear!

Nice to see a OCDSB Trustee act on a legitimate concern by a parent. Last week when the extreme chills hit Ottawa, a parent on Twitter wondered why her child was being sent outside despite the fact that the temperature was about -38 with the windchill.  The parent – and I agreed – that this seemed a little extreme so Trustee Mark Fisher was asked about the Board Policy regarding when Principals were obliged to keep the kids inside. Turns out the threshold is -35… way too low in my estimation.

So, does Mark just let this go? Nope he responds back to the other parent and I that he is introducing a motion to address this (I am unsure about what exactly the motion entails) and that it will come up on one of the Committee agenda in the near future. Good work, Mark – you listened and responded in a timely manner. That is really what most parents want to see from their Trustee!

Finally, Tomorrow is a bit of an important day for me, check my new post in the morning.


Liberal non-believers smarter than conservative believers…

This is pretty self-evident, isn’t it?

Look at the christian fundamentalists for crap sake… not the reddest apples in the barrel!

I mean, they watch Fox News, believe that dinosaurs and humans shared the same ‘hood, think that Sarah Palin would make a good President and believe that Stephen Harper really is

This is sure gonna spark some fodder on the conservative talk shows!



At least we don’t have Limbaugh…

I made my periodic trek over to to get my chuckle for the day.  I, of course like other sane individuals, don’t take one iota of what is spouted over there as anything but drivel. And today is no exception.

This time they are giving much column space to the sometimes incomprehensible, often staggeringly stupid and always a troglodyte, Rush Limbaugh.

troglodyteThis time he is again ranting about President Obama and how he is closely related to demons, trolls and socialists.

President Obama is pursuing a “radical” agenda that is putting the economy and national security in peril, talk show host Rush Limbaugh told “Fox News Sunday,” giving the young president failing grades across the board and standing by his sustained criticism of the administration.

Radical? Really? Here is Canada, the President’s proposals would be clearly to the right of the political spectrum. But, in the bastion of christian conservatism to the south, “radical” implies something very different.

In a wide-ranging interview, he called Obama a “child” driven by his “out-of-this-world ego.”

And he predicted that Obama, who built a broad-based majority over Republican candidate John McCain a year ago, would not win a second term.

“I’m really, really worried. We’ve never seen this kind of radical leadership at such a high level of power in the country,” Limbaugh said. “I don’t think we’re better off in any way it could be measured.”

There he goes with this radical thing again! Really, Rush-baby, you should do a bit of research to see that America is radical only in your mind! And if your country is at all “radical” as you say, it is of the conservative, theological bent! Not like we in Canada or the Swedes or some other godless socialist state, but more like Iran. Or maybe Saudi Arabia. The America of the 21st century certainly is far more similar to those latter countries than to the former.

All Mr. Obama is trying to do is fix what’s broken. For example, your economy or health care system.

But hey, Rush is paid to be an entertainer, and he’s entertaining, right? The problem with his style of entertainment is that someone might actually take the big galoot seriously!

I might criticise our own media sometimes – The National Post comes to mind.  But at least we haven’t any equivalent to the esteemed Mr. Limbaugh. Or if there is, I’m unaware of it.