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Trashy in China 4.0

Food, glorious FOOD edition! Some of my fave food shots from my trips to the Middle Kingdom.
Some North Americans tend to avoid the real Chinese places… I’m not one of them.

Peking duck

VERY spicy lamb chops!

Best green beans on the planet

Dan dan noodles

100 year old eggs

Ate these bad boys!

Xiao Wang's... just behind the hotel.



Yummy... duck!

Chicken and chilies - but more chilies than chicken!

I don't remember what this was...



Szechuan pork ribs on a bridge.


Blog of Week: Eat at Joe’s

This is the third in what I hope will be a weekly series of blog profiles. And, with this post, two of the first three to be profiled are food or drink based.

But hey, that’s just me.

Today’s  victim profiled site is one that was launched a bit more than a year ago (if memory serves me) by a colleague who had been posting recipes and pictures of his favourite edibles on his Facebook page.

As Joe says in the sidebar of his blog, This blog began as a little project to get my facebook recipe photo albums into a more friendly format. I hope you find some inspiration here.

And I often do.

Eat at Joe’s is a creatively assembled selection of some off beat and not so off beat cookables. Many cultures, most tastes and all degrees of expertise are covered here. And all accompanied by wonderfully composed pictures of various stages of the creation process.

Take this post for example. A simple recipe for broiled potato chips. But this is typical of the posts that Joe throws into that Interwebby thing… good photos, well written and lots of humour sprinkled in.My all-time fave is this recipe for Chicken Galliano! UN-FREAKIN-BELIEVABLE!

One common thread through most – if not all – of the posts is the consumption of beer, wine or some other potent potable as an accompanying activity to the whole cookin’ thing. Which is just peachy with me!

Take a peek over at Joe’s and try a couple of his concoctions if you’re so inclined! You’ll thank me!


A Canadian flag at Tiananmen Square, Trashy in China, part 11

Due to Harpy’s visit, there are oodles of the red ‘n white along the main thoroughfare that transects Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City.

Though the maple leaf looked a bit small on the flag… hmmmm… significance? Maybe if Stevo sidles up nicely to the Chinese, the leaf will be bigger next time around…


Another yummy and spicy dinner last night… at a nice spot called South Beauty -they serve some heat that would melt lead!

008Note the sheen of perspiration.


More pics – Trashy in China, part 9

Some of you may remember a massive fire that happened here in Beijing a while back.


This is the result… look out Towering Inferno!


This building is just, well, funky – in a gi-normous kinda way…


Food is real important to the Chinese. Here is the spread at last night’s dinner – graciously hosted by our interpreters and their friends. We were whisked in a brand new Land Rover to the south end of the city to one of the world’s finest Peking Duck establishments .

That reminds me of a funny thing our Great Wall guide told us the other day. In China, in order to marry a good woman from a good family, one must have two sets of keys – one to a house and one for a car.


Our hosts also treated us to a tour of a mansion in the heart of the city. Beautiful.