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fed up

Too late, OC Transpo, way too late…

So the ATU members are voting to give up their right to strike.

Yippee. Nice thought.

But given:

  • the increasingly cramped buses
  • the increasingly common buses that just, like, don’t show up
  • the increasing congestion downtown and around Hurdman station. And I suspect it’s the same around Baseline, Lincoln Fields, OrlĂ©ans, etc.
  • the ever increasing fees for ever decreasing levels of service
  • the notion that the transit users of this city will likely be the ones who foot the bill for the Siemens out of court settlement resulting from the Council’s ineptitude
  • the notion that if I need to urgently pick up one of my little ones (i.e., “Hello, Mr. Trashy, this is the school calling, your little one has been throwing up all over the staff room…”), it will take me a minimum of an hour by bus or a $25 cab ride to get from work to the school or daycare.
  • the distinct possibility that even if the ATU does vote away their right to strike, they may just go ahead and do so anyway
  • etc.

For an extra $65/month extra – once I cancel my bus pass – I can park in the underground lot across the street.

After 12 years of riding, you’ve lost me, OCT and ATU. Bye-bye