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Harper’s politics of cynicism….

… and an empty shelf in the pantry where “ethics” used to be…

Wandering around the Interweb, I found this cutting piece that brilliantly sums up the CPC modus operandi as follows:

The Harper Government is a public relations oriented government. The machine seems to operate in the following manner; get the youngsters in the party to operate unethically, send their manufactured news tips to a media organization filled to the brim with ideological allies, then raise money from your base while pretending you had nothing to do with how the information was unearthed. The strategy would be brilliant if it was not so painfully and obviously orchestrated.

This is the culture of the Harper Government, a government on the verge of expiry, following in the footsteps of past government who drowned in their own sense of entitlement. What Trevor Stack and Alexandra Constandinidis may not realize is they are not helping their party long term. We still do not know if they acted independently or through the encouragement of the powerful ministers and MPs they work for directly, but in either case one thing remains clear: ethics in the Harper Government is in short order, and while these examples are undertaken by the kiddies in short pants working for what used to be public servants, the real first domino of dirty politics has long been the influence coming directly from 24 Sussex Drive.

For years on these pages I have called Harper’s style the “politics of cynicism”. I was wrong, or at least I am now. It’s not cynicism but a cold and well-calculated approach to gain votes strategically and without care for standards – moral or political.


Writ will be dropped tomorrow…

After today’s damning rulings that the Speaker has leveled against the ReformCons, Harper will have no choice but to visit Rideau Hall tomorrow.

Here’s why:

He simply cannot allow the Opposition time to build a platform based on honesty, integrity and transparency. Harper would lose such an election.

His strength is the economy. The Grits, Bloq and Dippers know that and will not win an election where the budget becomes the platform.

So The Robot will power up his lithium batteries and trudge his way through tomorrow’s snowstorm and ask the GG to dissolve Parliament.

Let the games begin