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Elizabeth May

Friday miscellany – Liz, cowboys, Arsenal and a cottage

1. Elizabeth May’s sudden crusade against Wi-Fi has disappointed me. I had thought she would latch on to an environmental issue that was beyond reproach. The tar sands. GHGs. Volatile organic compounds. Food safety. She had a lot to choose from.

But no. She picks an issue which may or may not actually be an “issue”.  The studies that are out there that associate Wi-Fi electromagnetics and carcinogens are  inconclusive, IMHO.

Writing on her Twitter account (@ElizabethMay), the Green Party Leader said she was glad not to have WiFi at home, and joined ranks with parents who are concerned about the increased access to wireless Internet hookups in schools across Canada.

“It is very disturbing how quickly WiFi has moved into schools as it is children who are the most vulnerable,” said Ms. May.

Faced with critical reactions from some of her 28,700 followers, Ms. May said the World Health Organization lists electromagnetic frequencies as a “possible human carcinogen.”

“I do not act without scientific info,” she said, as she called on Canadian authorities to adopt stronger controls on WiFi that are in place in Europe.

The jury is still out, as far as I am concerned. And Liz should know this rather than playing on the fears of those who have not done their own research into the issue.

2. The Baseline Cowboys are a bunch of guys who haul their couch out to the edge of baseline Road in Ottawa every Wednesday. They drink beer, wave to traffic and generally just have a good ol’ time. This past week, they held a vote on Facebook to determine to which charity they should donate their (and anyone else’s) empty beer bottles. The Christie Lake kids camp won out.

So, on Wednesday collect your empty beer, wine,  and your loose change and pony up at the Beer Store  parking lot of College Square shopping centre (at Baseline and Woodroffe).  The Cowboys will be there all afternoon (2-6) to accept your donations for Christie Lake Kids.

Good guys. And a good cause.

3. Only a couple of weeks until Arsenal’s first fixture against Newcastle! Here’s hoping for some silverware this year! Picking up Gervinho might be a good move, but what we really need is help in the centre backfield. C’mon Wenger! I don’t think we fans can forgive yet another year without a trophy!

4. In case I haven’t been clear enough, Rob Ford, and his brother, are DOOFUSES (sp?)!

5. Off camping this weekend and then back here to do some laundry before heading out to P Sound for the week! Many thanks to my bro and sis-in-law for inviting our motley crew to their cottage! Gonna be a blast! I’ll try to post an entry or two while there (think fishing tales), but no guarantees.

6. Good luck, Mr. Layton…


French language debate

Apparently Harper won the debate last night.

Apparently Dion won the debate last night.

I watched most of it on RDC – can’t stand the translated version. Here’s my opinion:

No clear cut “winner”, though:

  • I think Stevie did himself more harm than good (yay!).
  • Dion held his own and maybe even gained some support through his performance (but man, he has bad posture).
  • If there was a winner, it was Duceppe. You could clearly see that he has been down this road before.
  • Layton made some good points and his French was the best of the Anglos.
  • And Lizzie May, despite being handicapped languages-wise (tho’ she was better than I had anticipated) got in a few good jabs here and there.

Tonite – Round 2. Watch for Stevo to go the attack as polls are showing that his support has stalled and has fallen backward in Quebec.


The second full week of the campaign!

This week is always critical in a short campaing. Theoretically, all of th ekinks should have been worked out and the parties can get into the meat of their platforms.

Here’s what I think we’ll see this week:

  • More ads and messages about Stevie’s leadership abilities – especially with regards to managing an uncertain economy. The U.S. banking system is going down the tubes and this will have repercussions north of the 49th.
  • The Grits will continue with attach ads on SH. But this is the week that they MUST put their leadership TEAM up front and take some of the attention away from Dion.
  • Look for Layton to continue to sound and act silly.
  • Some of the initial sheen granted to the Greens will wear off by the end of the week
  • Some of the Bloquiste support that has leaked to the ReformCons will ebb back to the Bloq as Duceppe gets his footing and has a good week.

I’ll be way for much of the week but will post another instalment of “What NOT to vote for Harper” by Friday night.


ReformCons are imploding – key party figure suspended!

Senior CPC spokesrobot Ryan Sparrow has been suspended because of a completely boneheaded and disgusting suggestion he made about the Father of a slain soldier. This Father criticized the change in policy on the war – and was in fact (according to Sparrow), a LIBERAL! Mr. Sparrow sent an email to CTV News today suggesting that Jim Davis, the soldier’s dad, is a supporter of Liberal incumbent Michael Ignatieff.

I don’t think anyone should really be surprised by such an act. After all, these are personalities who are program to attack, attack, attack – especially in the face of (how dare they!) criticism!

Meanwhile, Dion is part way through another day without a gaffe. And I heard Jack Layton on the Mothercorp this morning talking through his mustache about giving “targeted” subsidies to the auto makers (huh?) and Liz may going on about how to make a great seafood chowder.

In terms of information, Ms. May won this morning’s battle, hands down.

That’s two bad days in a row for the Harperites – how about three!


Greens allowed to debate the big boyz!

Score one for the power of a massively pissed off Canadian electorate!

My question – who blinked first?

Now – time to fire the moron who scheduled the debate during the same time slot as the U.S. Veep debate.



The Greens make the Big Time!

The Mothercorp reports that the Green Party has its first MP!

Mr. Blair Wilson is an ex-Grit Independent MP for the West Vancouver-Sunshine Coast-Sea to Sky Country riding. He was kicked out of Liberal caucus last year after allegations surfaced about spending irregularities in his 2006 campaign. Allegations that were unfounded according to Elections Canada.

The Green leader, Elizabeth May, has seized upon this development to claim her spot in the televised leadership debates that will take place during the next campaign; likely to take place this Fall since Stevie is just itchin’ to go to the polls.

I think May has a point. Her party is hovering around 10% in the polls with higher ratings in traditionally leftward leaning ridings. Of course, the ReformCons say “nope, sorry Liz… but ya can’t come and play in our sandbox.” And frankly, I don’t expect the Grits to say anything much different from the Reformer tone. The Greens would in all likelihood not drain any votes from the Neocons, but they would indeed do so from the Grits.. and the Dippers too.

In any case, this development further stresses my own decision-making matrix as I am forced once again to choose between who I truly support (The Greens) and who I feel I NEED to support in order  to fend off a full-frontal attack by the NeoCons (i.e., vote for the Grits… which in my riding actually ain’t so bad since our MP is strong and his views on important issues fit in quite nicely with mine).

Well, it looks like the writ will be dropped next week, so I had better get my mind into election mode real quickly!

Of course, all of this will be taking place while another election takes place in the country to the south of us. Lawrence Martin of the G&M has a great piece in Saturday’s edition about how the continental political landscape may look later this fall.

For political junkies like me, these are good times…