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Doris day

Oh, isn’t that WONDERFUL….

…Doris Day is the new TB Prez. Didn’t see THAT comin’!

Mark my words. If the ReformCons are still in power a year from now, Public Servants everywhere will spit at the mention of his name. Not that the Harperites – or most Canadians outside of the National Capital Region– give a flying crap about the PS.

My gut tells me though that this is not a pre-election Cabinet. Moving Rona to PWGSC is a big move up for her, but I would think that the brainless trust in the PMO would want her in a more visible spot if we were in pre-election mode… gotta court the soccer Moms, right?

I also don’t feel that Vic Toews (admittedly, one of the less incompetent of the Harperites) is the right pre-writ “fit” with NRCan. Though they can’t do much worse than Ms. Raitt.

So. To summarise. Same gang. Different titles.

Yawn. Wake me up when we have an election…


Ross Rebagliati, M.P.

So gold medalist snowboarder, Ross Rebagliati, is going to carry the Grit banner and go up against Doris in the next election. And I say why not?

Lotsa of pundits are going to pan this saying that this guy has no experience, has a dubious past because of the whole pot thing and is a bit goofy looking.

So what?

Listen. If any party is going to go anywhere in engaging voters who are not necessarily attracted to 50+ grey haired male spin-doctors, they must recruit candidates that fit the target demographic. Not exactly rocket science, eh?

Iggy. I hope you’re paying attention.

Besides, I think Mr. Rebagliati would make a great M.P. He is an ex-Olympic athete who knows how to compete, must have had a work ethic to get to that level and likely believes that the world is more than 4,000 years old!

Hell, I might even send him out a few bucks to go toward his campaign!

Go for it Ross! Best of luck!