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They sure do, B.D…. they sure do…


He forgot the dinosaurs!!!!

Trudeau KILLS me sometimes!

Descriptions of creationism can make creationism seem sooooo silly when penned by a talented writer…


In some States in the US…

…carrying guns is permitted. Even in the open. In a holster or shoved down your crotch. Your choice.

Amazing, eh?

And even I, Trashy, the despiser of all things Harper-ish, is pretty sure the current majority government would never go down this path. I really don’t.

Buuuutttt…. not a bad idea to post things like this once in a while to keep everyone honest, right?


So Doonesbury is doing a BP storyline… this should be good…

Gary Trudeau is always current, never backs away from controversy, and is always bang-on with his vitriolic wit!

Go get ’em, Gary! Tear a strip or three of those bastards!