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don cherry

If Peter Mansbridge or Jian Ghomeshi…

… were rabid cheerleader against the oil sands or any other conservative darling, you can bet that there asses would be on the line!

But Rex Murphy can exult in the virtues of the massive western projects all he wants and with impertinence without fear of reprisal.

He can take money from the oil sand players for speaker fees and then go on public airways denouncing those who stand in the way of his version of “renewing Confederation”.

I am not completely anti-oil-sands. I think they could and should be managed better and that First nation rights should be respected. But Rex has stepped over the line. He really has become a better-dressed version of that other CBC buffoon (you know who I mean). He can also use and understand words with greater than two syllables.

CBC – give Rex his walking papers. And while you’re at it, make it a double.


Canada’s number one buffoon…

… is angling for a Senate seat, it appears.

Although I don’t think he has the intelligence to engage in such strategic thinking.

Regardless of whether his views are on or off-base, he-of-no-taste should stick to hockey and should shut up about the country’s foreign aid policies. He knows next to nothing about this issue.

Hey! Doofus! Do what I do when I don’t know squat about something – keep your trap firmly shut!

The CBC keeping this idiot on the payroll is a national embarrassment.


I think as much of Don Cherry…

…as I do morons like Pierre Polievre, Vic Toews and Dean Del Mastro… but his rant on Brian Burke (GM of the Leafs for those of you not-so-enlightened) was dead on the mark.

Leaf Nation has for a while bemoaned the lack of Canadian content on the team, and more specifically, Ontario talent. Now, I’m not going anti-American or anything, but it is quite strange that there is not one player on Canada’s team who is from Ontario!

Boy, if the Habs didn’t have a single Québécois on the squad, they would be separatists marching up and down St. Catherine Street demanding blood!

Man! It physically HURTS to agree with the buffoon!

But hey! The Buds beat the Habs last night and the Gunners downed Liverpool… so this weekend has been pretty fine thus far!


This would be funnier…

… if I couldn’t imagine it actually happening…


Cherry gets humble?

… not a frickin’ chance!

So Big Don says sorry for calling a few ex-NHLers “pukes”… big whoop! And now commentators and Tweets and
Letters to the Editor are all a-gummy about this! “Takes a big man to say sorry” “Cherry eats humble pie” – this crap is everywhere!

Well, NO! I’m sorry, but it does not take a big man to apologise. Nothing big or heroic about it. Apologies should be made when needed. If I wrong someone, I’m not going to go around with my chest pumped out touting what a brave act I just performed. We say sorry when we screw up and want to acknowledge the screw-up… it is the “right” thing to do… not the “big” thing to do.

Plus, and maybe this is the “black helicopter” side of me talking, but didn’t this whole sham stink a bit too much? Think about it. Guys like Cherry need to have attention focused on them at all times; kinda like my 4 year old. And he hadn’t been in the spotlight for a while… begging the question: was this whole farcical act contrived?

Yeah… I know, black helicopters… but ya have to admit that it does make a bit of sense.

Thanks to Montreal Simon for the image…


Following up on my Don Cherry rant..

From Ken Gray’s blog…

Facebook friend Jean-Pierre Allard commented on my blog post Don Cherry Must Go Because of Latest Outrage. To read the post with the original and infamous Don Cherry Coach’s Corner segment on hockey violence, click here:

“Not sure our otherwise fine country could ever recover (without Cherry) as there will be no more violence in hockey, no more hatred for anything that’s not PURE K-TOWN, no more shameful plugs for becoming a senator via suffocating rah-rahring of our troops, no more cross-dressing on the state-sponsored TV, no more votes by otherwise balanced citizens for Donald La Cerise as The Greatest Canadian Ever.”

Yeah. It would be mighty tough to go without the directionless and troglodyte droolings of a has-been from the last century. Real tough…


A piece of dung…

… has more sense than Don Cherry.

And it likely smells better too.

I have already expressed my opinion on the fool, so I don’t need to repeat myself (too much). But his latest tirade supporting hockey violence and calling out those who oppose it is yet another example of the degree to which this moron has outlived his best before date.

And it us also an example of how spineless the MotherCorp execs truly are. By not censuring what Cherry said on HNIC regarding hockey violence, enforcers, mental illness and substance abuse, they have shown themselves to be as big a fool as the guy in the tasteless attire.

I am a CBC supporter most of the time, but in this matter I am disgusted.

Wake up spineless ones! Get rid of this self aggrandizing buffoon!


To infinity, and beyond!

So, starting in 2013, a company is going to be offering space excursions for normal run-of-the-mill folks. Provided you’re a normal, run-of-the-mill folk who happens to have gazillions of dollars just hanging around.

Me? I’d love to do it, but am a few gazillion short of the fee. But I AM willing to pony up a few bucks to send one of our distinguished Canadians on the trip. It is said that seeing the earth from space is a life changing experience and that the whole meaning of the word “perspective” becomes crystal clear. Most, if not all, of our so-called political leaders could use that.

So, who’s with me and who should we send? Harper (maybe he won’t return)? Iggy? Ezra Levant? Rob Ford?

Hmmm… I know!


Don Cherry’s time has passed…

…and the MotherCorp should come to grips with the fact that Grapes should be shown the gate to the bench.

I know this won’t make me popular with the Timmies crowd out there (no insult intended to those of you who like that swill, but you can’t help having poor taste in coffee!), but really, can anyone even follow what he spouts on about anymore? He is so fricking right wing that he makes Glenn Beck look like Bill Moyers.

C’mon folks, he is a blowhard, racist, fascist who knows precious little about hockey – the subject of which he is supposed to be an expert on! To make up for this lack of understanding of the modern game, and to cover up his increasing dementia, he uses his rant to bitch about Europeans, lefties, politicos and whomever else doesn’t agree with ol’ Grapes!

Now, I have not always been “anti-Don”. Coaches Corner was once a good segment that focussed on HOCKEY and had guests who talked about HOCKEY –  but it has devolved into a wandering bitch-fest about whatever is up Don’s butt that night… with an obligatory weekly gush and cry about the military.

He appeals to the lowest common denominator and that is the only reason the CBC puts up with him. He sells ad space.

But he has to go, and now is the time time. Right now.

The season is over (Congrats Hawks!) and the Canadian mindset will soon tune to summer mode. Hockey gets pushed to the back burner for a few months so the timing is right.

But they can’t simply show him the way to the gate with boxes in his arms! Noooo… imagine the hue and cry! And Grapes himself would happily stoke those flames until the CBC backed down for fear of a boycott and the loss of advertising bucks. So here’s what you do.

First, offer him a very generous buy-out package – much more than he is worth.  But more importantly, they have to be sure to stroke his huge ego by arranging for him a “speaking tour” – complete with PR hacks and a small entourage of cooing followers. And pick up the tab for the whole shot. Cherry would agree to this, I think, as he would still be able to utter all that swill about how the politicos are ruining everything and if important decision were left up to him and his beloved military, then Canada would go back to being that down-home redneck-friendly place that he once imagined it to be!

Yes, he would still have an audience, but it would be much smaller and thus less damaging than the millions who tune in to him every week during the hockey season. The folks in the Legion halls, old folks homes and middle-of-nowhere community centres and hockey rinks (read – places where the ridings are held by the CPC) are already ardent admirers of the jerk, so no further damage would be done.

Better yet, ship him overseas to entertain the troops! Kind of a USO thing like they do in the States! Man, that might be just the weapon our troops need to crush the Taliban! Put his blathering, meandering rants on loud speakers and blare it at full volume wherever it is believed there may be Taliban hiding… THAT would be better than any other ammo you can imagine!

Trashy – doing his part to help the mission overseas!

PS – If the Hawks can win the Cup 49 long years, then the Leafs will be next! Woo-hoo! I’m reserving my spot on the parade route now!